Ai Conference For Student

For the student seeking to learn Artificial Intelligence ( Ai ) so as to apply it in the individual pursuits of today and tomorrow .. [...]

Baala Balaga Innovation Center

i I N V E N T  @  BAALA BALAGA is an initiative for the community of Baala Balaga School and Dharwad citizens to bring their [...]

Take A Dhi : AI 103

Take a Dhi to share how you fit perfectly in the world around you: AI 103 Design Concept. Care and Caution: May feel dizzy, avoid [...]

Clay County KY Innovation Center

Welcome to iINVENT @ Clay Clay County KY Innovation Center has been incubated to support ideas that enable individual and community growth with a focus [...]

A day in i i

A day in the life of iI Top of the ideas to you. “As you embark on this journey called life, remember, [...]


[fanim snippet=4] BUY it [fanim snippet=4] BUY it Smooth and comfortable to [...]

Was Earth born Yesterday?

Why can we conclude Earth was born yesterday? Click on the simulator  >>  Select the date in the simulator from the given list below >>Note the position [...]

Origami the art of folding

Origami is one of my favorite things to do. Learning new things and even teaching my friends if they want to learn how to make the [...]

How to set a world record

Burt Munro At the age of 68, riding a 47 year old home-modified Indian motorcycle he set the world record that still stands. His OS: "If you don't [...]

Apply what you learn in the classroom

Son:  “I hate Math. Division is hard. Why can’t I just use the calculator” Me:   “Do you see the cookie jar. How many cookies do you think [...]

Calculator to help you change the world

Inspired by the speech Admiral William McRaven gave at University of Texas, Austin (video link below), HUBLI team has come up with the calculator to help you [...]