So a couple months ago I was faced with a cruel reality. Minecraft on my computer won’t work. For a month I tried to fix it and it seemed as if my quest for diamonds, battling creepers and zombies, and adventuring with my friends were over. Then a miracle happened I found a fix! So that’s what I want to help you guys today. So here’s the problem: Minecraft dropped older OpenGL support. Meaning that older computers can’t play the game. From what I experienced I could not play any verson since the update. I am going to explain it step by step.

1. First go to this link download this file:…

2. Go to C:WindowsSystem 32

3. Find and back up the older OpenGl to a folder just in case this does not work.

4. Now with the one OpenGl you just downloaded replace that with the older one.

5. Open Minecraft and it should work. You may experience low frame rates and if you do download a mod called optifine and it will allow greater adjusting of video settings. Though the best work around if you still experience lag is sadly to get a new pc or use a more powerful one. I hoped I helped to keep your mining days bright an clear.

I experienced that when replacing the file that it said that need to be an administrator to do this. If you are also experiencing this problem too and you are an administrator go to this link and download this fix.…

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