May 22 2018

Top of the ideas to you.

The inspiration for this letter was born out of the message to my graduating kids at home and around the world. By the time it was completed, I was not sure if the message was for the kids or the team or the clients or just a reminder to myself.

Here it goes:

“As you embark on this journey called life,
remember, you do not have to become anyone,
you were born a masterpiece,
you are the best and there is no one else like you.

Taking one opportunity at a time along the way,
whenever you give your best,
that best in you will be realized, little by little.

And with each choice made,
you may face a resulting win or loss, good or bad, yes or a no…
But, learning to share the lesson in each experience
irrespective of the result,
will lead you to the best this life has to offer.

Wishing you do the best and learn from the rest
as you embark on this journey called life.”

As our pursuit to become the world’s most innovative community hits a “sweet 16” land mark today, I thank you for the support, ideas and lessons that have enabled me and the NABROS team to pursue the best within us.

Abhi DhiYogi

P.S You may download Hand written note | Voice narration