Our vision

is to be the world’s community of most innovative  by enabling ideas that help individual, community and environment growth.

Our Story

“Considering that a human’s core strength is having the most advanced intellect, mankind’s function may be to innovate and make this world better for everyone, including all other species. As we worked with the world’s kids n’ adults and organization from different facets and economic conditions, we realized there was a need for the potential IDEA within each one to be encouraged.
In the pursuit of creating a global community for the most innovative amongst us, iINVENT™: the platform, program and projects was born. We have adopted iI in our business solution offerings @ NABROS, education and incubation solutions @ HUBLI and interior design plus lifestyle solutions @ 1816ZENDEN.
We hope you join us to enable ideas that help you, others and the earth grow.
Thank you for visiting iINVENT.”


Abhi DhiYogi,

Chief Design Inventor

CLICS,  grants and awards

Community CLICS (Center for Learning, Innovation, Creativity and Startup) have been set up for the world’s most innovative around the world. Submit your AIMS to win grants, awards and support.

Make It Simple Design Mantra™

Everything in this universe starts up as an idea.

Values, methodology and  design that balance the priorities, open up  new horizons and create a sustainable solution.

i INVENT @ Work

NABROS Consulting Solutions for organizations/business entities:

Over 22+ years of expertise in strategy, design, deployment and managed support of business solutions, processes and technology for our  fortune clients across various verticals to innovative  businesses of all sizes. Some of the recent projects involve setting up of innovation centers, AI, IOT, ERP and more. For more details click here.


HUBLI – Hub for Learning and Innovation for schools and colleges:

Catch can idea, plant it and then grow the same in each education discipline, curriculum and program via HUBLI. Over 15+ years  working with world’s most innovative schools and colleges. For more details click here.


1816ZenDen solutions for home and life style

Interiors and Architecture solutions to enable an innovative life style. Over 15+ years in providing space and interior solutions for innovative residence and commercial owners. For more details click here.


Subject matter expertise that enable innovative solutions.

Time: 24+ Years | Projects: 300+ | Community: Counting

Strategy 95%
Design 95%
Innovation 95%
Make It Simple 95%
Technology Innovation 95%
Education and Mentoring 95%
Space and Lifestyle innovation 95%

Patting our own back.

What some of our clients, team, partners and community have to say about iINVENT:

“Looking back, NABROS team has always deployed technology solutions that were simple, easy to upgrade and support.”

Director, Fortune 500 Client, Manufacturing


“Deploying HUBLI – i INVENT Innovation Center in our education institute has been a game changer for our students, teachers and community when it comes to ideation in education ”

Dean, University, USA/India


“1816 ZenDen team was creative, professional and understood our needs when it came to our space. Plus we came under budget.”

Home Owner(s), USA/India

We are invited to recommend any efforts that may have made a difference in our pursuits.


NABROS & Partners LLC,

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Web: i-INVENT.org

Locations: USA | India | Sri Lanka | Maldives | Japan | Australia | EU | Singapore and more

Thank you for the time spent @ i INVENT. Please feel free to reach us via any of the channels below to share your AIMS or just say hello.