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i INVENT Summer of 2018

Inviting kids + adults to a VIRTUAL SUMMER CAMP ( ONLINE ) designed to enable ideas, apply the lessons learnt and develop a train of thought for success.

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I  D E A     D  I  A  R  Y

Perspectives, ideas, stories, projects and more for  STUDENTS , PROFESSIONALS , FAMILY .

P.S. Start writing your ideas so they get planted for growth.

In 100 years

our vision is to grow into the world’s most innovative community by enabling ideas  @ WORK | SCHOOL  |  HOME

Make IT Simple with NABROS

Innovative solutions for enterprises + professionals

Our portfolio

AI | Innovation Center | Consulting | Process Optimizations  and  solutions to innovate, implement and support the requirements and challenges at work.

w w w. N A B R O S .c o m

Innovative Education with HUBLI

Transform your classroom into an innovation center


Innovation Center | Career College Guidance | Concerts, Books and Mentoring | Virtual/Onsite Platform+Program | Consulting: For students, teachers, parents and schools.

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Home Design with 1816ZENDEN

Innovate your space with our designers

Our solution for an innovative home

1816ZENDEN  re-invents your space with a focus on simplicity and minimalist approach to consumption using the iINVENT mantra.

www. 1 8 1 6 Z E N D E N .com

Win up to $900,000

List of awards

Inviting kids, individuals, schools, business and communities to participate in our iINVENT projects; contribute and enter to win awards for your: self or institute or community .


Projects that enable local communities to bring new ideas to life.




Design AI, training, ideas and projects




Projects that enable universe exploration.


If birds have wings and fish have fins, what is it that you and I have which is special? 

Our ideas ..

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