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The One Lesson Series:

iINVENT Summer of 18

Inviting students and professionals to an experience designed with music, story telling and brainstorm to develop an innovative train of thought.

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Step 1. Balance to inspire your ideas.

 Ideas, stories and life lessons for innovation

Handmade innovation manuscript to develop a train of thought like Steve Jobs, Einstein, Tendulkar …

  Idea diary for students, professionals and family.

Step 2. Open up and share your ideas to plant them.

Win up to $900,000

Inviting kids, individuals, schools, businesses and communities to START UP.



Start up your individual, school or business iINVENT innovation center to develop, deploy and market your efforts.



Projects that enable innovation in your region and local communities to bring new ideas to life.




Course, Conference and certification for students and professionals. Learn to Design Ai.


Our innovative solutions

If birds have wings and fish have fins, what is it that you and I have which is special? 

Our ideas ..

In 100 years our vision is to grow into the world’s most innovative community by enabling ideas 


WORK with NABROS  |  SCHOOL with HUBLI  |   HOME with 1816ZENDEN

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Step 3: Learn from each experience and result to grow the ideas.