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Updates as on Mar 15 2024:

1. What are the brainstorm sessions

The iINVENT brainstorm sessions are curated to develop the personal, people and project skills

2. Who are these sessions curated for?

Students, Edu institutes, Parents, Professionals, Businesses, Start Up, Small business, Non Profits,  Community

3. How can one join?

By booking your seat with a payment / an iINVENT code  or starting up a CLICS

4. How can groups/institutions book?

Groups may purchase bulk spots or with a CLICS. Multiple bookings can be done from the link you will receive after procurement/purchase

5. Can I reschedule my appointment/booking?

Yes you may within the allocated time line

6. Can I cancel my appointment?

You may cancel from the link in your email

7. Refunds for cancellations?

You will receive a credit towards a future booking

8.  What is a CLICS and who can deploy?

CLICS is the Center For Learning Innovation Creativity Start Up that can deployed at home, business or school or community centers

9. How does CLICS help?

It helps with building core skills for success, adding a revenue stream, PR and more to help bring your ideas to life

10. What is one on one consulting?

You may consult for your various needs at school, work or home with the appropriate team member for guidance and expertise to compliment you in the pursuits

11. What is NABROS, HIBLI and 1816Zenden?

NABROS is the company which focuses on Enterprise level solutions and consulting. HUBLI focuses on the Edu solutions and consulting. 1816Zenden is focused on home and lifestyle solutions. All of them run on the iINVENT platform

12. How much do I make for my services and offerings through the CLICS?

100% minus any taxes and applicable fees

13. How frequently do I get paid and via what channel?

Once the threshold of $30 is accrued, a payment will be released the following month to your bank account

14. How can I startup?

By starting up a CLICS and attending a minimum of 12 sessions for the year

15. What are the books and knowledge base?

These are the reads to compliment and inspire  your ideas in the pursuits of your choice

16. Where can find related information and links?

Visit the menu at the top or the footer  of I-invent.org for most unto date links

17. How can I contact for any issues?

Please CLICK HERE for the contact info.

18. Where can I get information about the company?

Please visit https://i-invent.org/about

Some of the following updates are deprecated in full or partial. If you have any questions please contact us.

Updates as on May 26 2022:

1.What is Cafe CLICS stand for?

Cafe for Learning Innovation Creativity & Startup.

2.What is AIMS ?

Art + Academics, Ideas + Initiatives, Music n’ More, Stories n StartUp.

3.What is CLICS program about

The CLICS (Cafe for Learning Innovation Creativity & Startup), a platform by iINVENT NABROS has been launched at local cafes to compliment our support for the local AIMS (Art + Academics, Ideas + Initiatives, Music n’ More, Stories n StartUp).

4.What is this concept about have a coffee and yoga your ideas with songs, stories ?

These are concerts curated by experts for all age groups with songs and stories to yoga the ideas in one’s pursuits at work, school or home. These concerts helps one to catch ideas, plant and grow them. These sessions are scheduled on Thursday at 5pm CST.- please visit with you family , friends, co-workers/team and also you furry friends to experience these concerts and share your AIMS.

5.Where can I get details about grants and scholarships ?

-You will find the details of the available grants and scholarships by visiting https://iinvent.wpengine.com/shop/

-Or go to https://iinvent.wpengine.com/sweetwaters/ and on the right corner click on the 3 line, here you will get the details on Grants + Scholarships+ Marketplace

6.Is this program applicable to all the cafe chains ?

No. CLICS are launched at specific locations.

7.How it helps me as an artist?

-You may contribute by sharing your art form

-We can promote and feature your art form on our platforms local and international+ feature you on our AIMS wall.

-If you are a musician we can invite you to perform at one of the concerts after we agree on the curation.

8.What is corporate CLICS ?

-We can conduct events for corporates based on the curation needs.

-Corporates can book tables to conduct meetings/meet up/work from our CLICS – we can include the concert aspect if there a requirement.

9.What is study, relax, connect?

-Students and come and self study – Share AIMS and Apply for grants and scholarships.

-Families ,friends can dine and connect over curations and conversations.

-Students ,Families ,friends can share AIMS to win chance to qualify for awards and get featured on our AIMS Wall.

-To share AIMS and to Apply for grants and scholarships

10.What is Share your story?

-We invite local business to come and have a coffee and share their story that we would stream, record on their behalf and share on their behalf to grow the community.

–To share AIMS and to Apply for grants and scholarships

11.What is Fury Friends invitation?

We encourage our customers to get their pets/furry friends to the our cafe and share the inspiring story of their pets.

12.What is the Support I can give?

You may donate to the iinvent grant to support those in need or contribute in kind your time and expertise.

As on Oct 15th 2019:

We changed our logo:

Prior to Oct 15th 2019:


All of us have great ideas that we usually trash as an after thought. iINVENT enables kids, adults and organizations to start building on their ideas at home, school and work.

How to i-INVENT?

Get inspired with our books and concerts. Brainstorm your ideas with the community. Start building your ideas on our portal. Or you may help us with our initiatives – Space+Energy+Community.

What do I get from i-INVENT?

You will come to know how to build on your world changing ideas. You can connect with like minded and brainstorm. Plus grants may be available for your initiatives. Or you may get to work on our initiatives – SPACE + ENERGY + COMMUNITY .

What is in iINVENT books and knowledge base?

The iINVENT books and knowledge base are inspiring and fundamental concepts that one can leverage to start building ideas.

What is iINVENT community?

The iINVENT community is a group of individuals of different age group looking to build on their ideas.

What is iINVENT portal?

The iINVENT portal is a virtual platform to manage your project and team. iINVENT will assign a Project Manager on your request.

What are iINVENT concerts?

How do you describe an experience? iINVENT concerts are one of a kind thought altering concerts that you can only experience but if asked to describe you would be lost for words.

The concerts are performed  live in person |  There are three sessions in each 1 hr. 30 minutes concert – a thought provoking story in line with your theme/request, music  and then a discussion that ends in a “brainstorm” | Ideal audience size is between 25 and 200 | If you have any questions: Please email iinvent(at)nabros.com.

What happens to the Idea that I post?

It is posted in the portal as a request that you created and is accessible by you.

Who owns the idea that I post?

You own the idea that you post.

How can I get help with my idea?

You may copy/cc others who you want to collaborate with. Once you copy someone they will have access to your idea that has been posted. You may attend the concerts. Plus you may get help from our community.

Once I am ready to build my Idea, what do I do?

After you have collaborated and thought through your idea, you may get the iINVENT card to start up your project where a Project Manager will be assigned and a project created for you in the portal.

What is our Affiliate Program?

Individuals, Business’, Schools, Colleges and Institutes can become an affiliate on approval to partner with us and promote our innovative portfolio to their community and earn on their efforts. Please search affiliate in the search bar for relevant details.

How can Education institutes leverage i-INVENT  to create a personal incubator?

Schools, Colleges and institutes can enable the teachers to become mentors and students to start building on their own ideas as a part of the class curriculum. Plus get world class career guidance. All content is curated by the institute designated curator and owned by the institute/member.

How can Business Organizations leverage i-INVENT  to create a personal incubator?

Enable each team member to build on their ideas to help them  innovate and be creative in their job/responsibility. Enable your organization to innovate at a faster pace with the associated community. All content is curated by the organization designated curator and owned by the organization/member.

What are our grants?

We have 3 grants for our 3 initiatives: SPACE, ENERGY and COMMUNITY Projects.

How to protect my intellectual property?

Please consult an expert to understand how you can protect intellectual property. Please note iINVENT is an open platform and community  for inspiration, collaboration and then subsequently building the same. Your disclosures are at your own discretion.

How can I buy your products and services?

Please go to the SHOP page by clicking on the menu.

How can I apply for the grant?

Please go to the specific project and use the form on the web page.

What do you do when there are two same ideas?

We support all to build their own ideas. Plus connect individuals with similar ideas so they can help each other.

Can I attend the concert online?

Yes. All registered participants will get the link for online participation as well.

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

Each adult must carry a photo id. Minimum age to attend the concert is 8.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

Usually there is free parking at the entrance of the venue but please check the event page for details.

What can/can’t I bring to the event?

Everything that you can carry on a plane can be brought to the event.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please see the organizer info in the event for contact details.

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?


Can I update my registration information?


Can I vote on any comment?

Yes, you may vote on any comment.

Can I share my input on any comment?

Yes you may share your input.

How are the awards decided?

The awards are decided on the votes, comments, curation, content and panel review. The iINVENT decision on awards will be final.

What are the typical awards?

The typical awards are from the shop page. Consulting services and speciality offerings are excluded. Other applicable awards are on the specific initiative page.

When do I get the awards?

Awards are typically given each month, quarter and year or per the initiative guidelines.

Who is eligible for the awards?

Registered i INVENT community is eligible. You may join us for free.

Where can I get support?

Please log into your account and use the support tab.

How can I get a refund or transfer my tickets?

Please log into your account and use the support tab to request the same.

Will I loose my funds or credits?

No. All funds and credits are for you to use within 3 years.

How can I flag / report in-appropriate or offensive content?

Please log into your account and use the support tab. Or you may use the contact info in the footer. Or you may flag the comment on such a section where ever the button exists.

Where can I share my personal projects/ideas and more ?

Please log into your project account to share the same with your team.

Where can I share ideas for community?

You may share your ideas on individual posts/pages in the SAIMS commenting/section.

What is AIMS?

Share Art, Ideas, Music, Stories

Where can I find my orders, awards and revenue information?

Please log into your account and you will see the relevant tabs that you will be authorized for.

Where can I get support?

Please log into your account and use the support tab.


Please share your questions or inputs for a chance to win