Welcome to iINVENT @ Clay

Clay County KY Innovation Center has been incubated to support ideas that enable individual and community growth with a focus on health and environment.

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Win up to $900,000


With your Stories, Mentoring and Knowledge.


Protect, grow and compliment the environment.


Share your creativity.

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Our Story

“Considering that a human’s core strength is having the most
advanced brain, mankind’s function may be to innovate and make the world
better for everyone, including all other species.
As I travelled the world and met kids and adults
from different facets and economic conditions,
I realized the need for the potential inventor within
each one to be encouraged. In the pursuit to create a global
community of inventors, iINVENT was born. It is the
methodology we have adopted in our business solution offerings
@ NABROS, learning and incubation solutions @ HUBLI and
interior design plus lifestyle solutions @ 1816ZENDEN
in order to build the world’s largest community of experts and
inventors in the next 100 years.”
Abhi DhiYogi, Chief Design Inventor.