Share a story, idea or life lesson for $900K in awards

Project Dhi Yoga

is open to kids, individuals, schools, institutions, businesses and communities. Submit your life lesson: be it a story, educative, movie or music that encourages good ideas by clicking on “Share a life lesson”. Annually we may award prizes worth up to $900,000 (total) to the winners across all community projects. Please see guideline/criteria for details.

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List of possible awards

Project Details

Dhi Yoga is the art and  practice of balanced lifestyle, opening up about one’s ideas and learning from each experience in order to bring ideas to life.

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 In addition to sharing a story or life lesson you may participate online or onsite to:

 Mentor or tutor Kids/Individuals in need,

 Start up  innovation center for those in need ,

 Support existing innovation centers.

The Vision.

There is no better teacher then a life lesson and there is always someone new who is eager to listen to  what may be same old same to you.

The Cause

Share that story or life lesson you tell your loved ones with the world to enable creative ideas  in residences, schools, businesses that help local community and environment.

The Effect(s)

Dhi Yoga, a yoga for ideas and intellect, is the art and  practice of balanced lifestyle, opening up about one’s ideas and learning from each experience. The app+iINVENT platform has been created for story tellers who want to share their inspirational and educational experiences with kids and communities that especially need mentors and with those who are looking to cultivate  good ideas.

Additional support and details about this project plus other community innovation initiatives may be found @ community projects.

Kids and individuals may submit content or links(urls) of your original work via the links provided in the submission button at the top.

If your story/work is selected/short listed for an award or to be published then you will be notified of such intent.

After receiving such intended notification you will receive a call to discuss next steps within 5 business days of such notification: for a possibility of  mentoring and other innovation center support needs.

Note: There are NO commissions or payments for the submission by the author. All work is owned by the individual who submitted. We do not own or claim any IP for the submissions.

1. Creative submission

You may send your interest to participate at an institution/group/community level by submitting the details about your institution/community by clicking here..

2. Set up and post

We will require emails of the individuals who would like to participate with your organization. Once set up, all posts  will be credited to the individual and institution/community.

Post pictures, video and original articles that show before, after, progress and details that help to understand the effort.


You may lend a helping hand to assist other’s who may be in a similar need or provide a creative solution to a community in need.

4. You will be eligible for a collective prize as a institute/community based on the level of contribution by the members.

1. Promote

You may support local innovation centers and promote your innovative ideas.

2. Team Building

You may encourage your team to participate and contribute life lessons thus encouraging a better team rapport and level of accomplishment. The email id’s of the members of your organization require to be set up under your id.


Local business may sponsor local creative community. We will promote your story to our community/social media posts to promote your business and administration’s efforts.


Based on your team contribution and participation your organization may be eligible for the awards.

All entries received by Sept 1 of each year will be evaluated on :

*Story guidelines and criteria:

Please submit a copy of the original story about your own experience and learnings that encourage good ideas in kids and adults. Stories may be typed up,  photos, recorded videos or recorded voice in any language(video/photo/sound links please for files exceeding 12MB) . All stories will be reviewed and will be published at the discretion of the panel of moderators. All stories are owned by author.

1. The impact of the story on the communities in need

2. Number of  follow up posts to iINVENT portal about the positive impacts of your efforts

3. Number of original posts and articles you posted that can be used as knowledge base by others to become creative

4. Volunteering to help others or projects facilitating creative growth

5. The impact of one’s efforts on the local, regional and state community

6. The number of individuals from a specific area who collectively impact the social cause positively

7. The competition is open to individual, institutions, government, community, businesses and other groups looking to impact  positively

8. The entries will be evaluated in their category as defined in point 7

9. The maximum total prize worth that may be distributed per year will be a  maximum of  $900,000 inclusive of all winners globally across all community projects. The awards and the total amount distributed are dependent on the winning entries and at  the discretion of NABROS panel

10. The prizes that will be offered are from

11. Logistics, delivery and other relevant details may be considered and discussed with the winner  to overcome constraints pertaining to delivery of the prize. Alternate suitable prize may also be granted if constraints cannot be over come

12. For any questions please email or use the contact information on the website.

13. The decision on the winners will be final and is at the discretion of the NABROS panel based on the information provided

14. The submission of any material does not guarantee prize or any form of payment. Eligible entries for the competition will be notified

15. NABROS is not liable for any damages, legalities, costs incurred by the participant of this competition

Our education enables the  basic skills to start up our career. But it is the life lessons that finally teach us how to pursue our goals and succeed. So why not share one’s personal life lessons so as to help others?

“Would love to contribute in any efforts that support KIDS IN NEED by enabling them to bring ideas to life: be it at work, school or home. Click to read our story/idea.

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