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All of us have great ideas that we usually trash as an after thought. iINVENT enables kids, adults and organizations to start building on their ideas at home, school and work.

How 2 i-INVENT?

Get inspired with our books and concerts. Brainstorm your ideas with the community. Start building your ideas on our portal. Or you may help us with our initiatives – Space+Energy+Community.

What do I get from i-INVENT?

You will come to know how to build on your world changing ideas. You can connect with like minded and brainstorm. Plus grants may be available for your initiatives. Or you may get to work on our initiatives – SPACE + ENERGY + COMMUNITY .

What is in iINVENT books and knowledge base?

The iINVENT books and knowledge base are inspiring and fundamental concepts that one can leverage to start building ideas.

What is iINVENT community?

The iINVENT community is a group of individuals of different age group looking to build on their ideas.

What is iINVENT portal?

The iINVENT portal is a virtual platform to manage your project and team. iINVENT will assign a Project Manager on your request.

What are iINVENT concerts?

How do you describe an experience? iINVENT concerts are one of a kind thought altering concerts that you can only experience but if asked to describe you would be lost for words.

The concerts are performed  live in person |  There are three sessions in each 1 hr. 30 minutes concert – a thought provoking story in line with your theme/request, music  and then a discussion that ends in a “brainstorm” | Ideal audience size is between 25 and 200 | If you have any questions: Please email iinvent(at)

What happens to the Idea that I post?

It is posted in the portal as a request that you created and is accessible by you.

Who owns the idea that I post?

You own the idea that you post.

How can I get help with my idea?

You may copy/cc others who you want to collaborate with. Once you copy someone they will have access to your idea that has been posted. You may attend the concerts. Plus you may get help from our community.

Once I am ready to build my Idea, what do I do?

After you have collaborated and thought through your idea, you may get the iINVENT card to start up your project where a Project Manager will be assigned and a project created for you in the portal.

What is our Affiliate Program?

Individuals, Business’, Schools, Colleges and Institutes can become an affiliate on approval to partner with us and promote our innovative portfolio to their community and earn on their efforts. Please search affiliate in the search bar for relevant details.

How can Education institutes leverage i-INVENT  to create a personal incubator?

Schools, Colleges and institutes can enable the teachers to become mentors and students to start building on their own ideas as a part of the class curriculum. Plus get world class career guidance. All content is curated by the institute designated curator and owned by the institute/member.

How can Business Organizations leverage i-INVENT  to create a personal incubator?

Enable each team member to build on their ideas to help them  innovate and be creative in their job/responsibility. Enable your organization to innovate at a faster pace with the associated community. All content is curated by the organization designated curator and owned by the organization/member.

What are our grants?

We have 3 grants for our 3 initiatives: SPACE, ENERGY and COMMUNITY Projects.

How to protect my intellectual property?

Please consult an expert to understand how you can protect intellectual property. Please note iINVENT is an open platform and community  for inspiration, collaboration and then subsequently building the same. Your disclosures are at your own discretion.

How can I buy your products and services?

Please go to the SHOP page by clicking on the menu at the top.

How can I apply for the grant?

Please go to the specific project and use the form on the web page.

What do you do when there are two same ideas?

We support all to build their own ideas. Plus connect individuals with similar ideas so they can help each other.

Can I attend the concert online?

Yes. All registered participants will get the link for online participation as well.

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

Each adult must carry a photo id. Minimum age to attend the concert is 8.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

Usually there is free parking at the entrance of the venue but please check the event page for details.

What can/can’t I bring to the event?

Everything that you can carry on a plane can be brought to the event 🙂

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please see the organizer info in the event for contact details.

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?


Can I update my registration information?


Some of the past concerts:

Please browse the videos at the top of each event using the arrow keys.

Timings and Duration

Typically for 1 hour


Online: The specific links will be emailed to all participants 7 days in advance of the specific event.

Participation Age limit:

Typically 6 Year Old’s to 130 Year Old’s.


For online events: Internet Connection with a speed to handle voice and video streaming + Device(smart phone, tablet or computer) that is up to date with OS that can download and install video conferencing app and has audio conferencing capabilities is required. Video Camera is optional.

What are the typical topics of BS(brainstorm):

All topics are simple so that even a 3rd grader can understand but deep so as to provide a segway into exploration, learning, motivation and new perspectives. The conclusion of the BS is always action items that each one of the participants takes back for individual innovative purposes.

Can I bring my friends/family/colleague .

Yes you can but they would have to be registered.

When are the brain storm topics communicated to the participants –

The main overall topic is communicated ahead of time. But the specific time is communicated at the time of the start.

Are there any fees due:

Some of the iINVENT concerts may carry fees.

For any support questions/suggestions/feedback information where do I need look for | Phone: 630 796 7676 | Email:

Participation Guidelines for the brainstorm.

  • TALK Like it’s a Sunday morning SLOW and CLEAR
  • Your videoMake it cool and awesome(if you are sharing)
  • Disagree with a sense of humor
  • Language kids are in the building
  • Please mute your self if you are not speaking.
  • The mic would be passed in alphabetical order.
  • This session will be for 1 hour (DISCUSSIONS-45 MIN & BRAINSTORM/ENTERTAINMENT – 15 MIN)
  • Most Important – Have fun.


Our Story

“Considering that a human’s core strength is having the most advanced brain, mankind’s function may be to innovate and make the world better for everyone, including all other species. As I travelled the world and met kids and adults from different facets and economic conditions, I realized the need for the potential inventor within each one to be encouraged. In the pursuit to create a global community of inventors, iINVENT was born. It is the methodology we have adopted in our business solution offerings
@ NABROS, learning and incubation solutions @ HUBLI and interior design plus lifestyle solutions @ 1816ZENDEN in order to build the world’s largest community of experts and
inventors in the next 100 years.


How to buy the Inventor Card for April 1 2015 Certification Program:

1. Select the Inventor Card – Duration and amount.Organizations and Institutes Click here to buy!!
2. Input Inventor’s(recipient) name and email.
3. Receive the email with the customized Inventor Card plus brochure in YOUR email.
Cancellation policy: Cancel anytime before March 1 2015 for a 100% refund.
*All of the Cards and material are a soft copy(pictures/pdf) sent via email. No print out or actual cards are shipped. You may print the same on the material of your choice. Special instructions can be provided at the time of check out. We may be able to accomplish reasonable requests that fall within our operating guidelines. Credit/debit card, bank account or existing pay pal account accepted.

What will Buyer receive:

1. You will receive a confirmation email/invoice of the purchase.

2. Within 1 to 3 business days after the purchase buyer will receive an email with the following attachments(soft copy):
a. Customized Inventor card with the Inventor(recipient) details.
b. Brochure.
3. You may print the attachments on the material of your choice or forward the same to the Inventor email at the time you wish. Please note we do not send any hard copies or offer printing services.

What will the Inventor(recipient) receive:

1. By March 1st the Inventor(recipient) will receive the log in details via email.
2. Receive an orientation package via email by March 15th .
3. Receive an evite for attending one of the sessions in March.
4. Receive the instructions to kick start their certification program on April 1.
5. On completion of the program requisites, receive the Inventor Certificate.

Inventor(recipient) Certification program:

1. Eligibility: From 8 year old to 100 year old humans :)
2. Start Date: April 1 2015
3. Duration: Depending on the program you purchase- Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly/3 years/5 years/7 years/10 Years.
4. Program details: Speaking at online events, Winning grants for your initiatives, Building your own knowledge base, Building your network with other Inventors and industry leaders.

Age Criteria: 8 Years to 80+ Year olds can apply for the certification
Schedule: 1 year effort to 10 years with at least 1 mandatory Brainstorm conference per month.
Pre-requisites: English Language, Internet Connection, Device to connect for web conference
Goals:  The assigned goals for the number of stories/lessons contributed, Number of followers and Mavens referred, Number of  Brainstorms conducted/attended per year of the certification will be self evaluated by the applicant.
Guidelines: All topics/stories/discussions should  lead  to practical application,  knowledge base and  innovation in various fields.


Fees:  $10/month when paid yearly. One time registration fees. The up to date fees are on the membership page.
Rewards and Gains: A certification that will be supported with your own knowledgebase of 10 years, network and recommendations from industry experts.


1 Year/Minimum 12 original Stories/Minimum 3  followers/ 1 Additional Maven referred/ 10 Brainstorms – Fellow
3 Years/ Minimum 40 original stories/Minimum 12 followers/3 Additional Mavens referred/32 Brainstorms – Scholar
5 Years/Minimum 75 Original stories/Minimum 30 followers/5 Additional Mavens referred /55 Brainstorms- Architect
7 Years/Minimum 100 Original stories/Minimum 60 followers/7 Additional Mavens referred/80 Brainstorms – SME
10 Years/Minimum 150 Original stories/Minimum 100 followers/10 Additional Mavens referred/110 Brainstorms – Maven




Maven:  A maven is a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others.
HUBLI:  HUB for Learning and Innovation -An initiative to engrain “new-age” learning and innovation in the fabric of schools, organizations and communities. An environment and platform where the new generation, innovators, businesses, students, teachers, consumers and professionals meet to bridge gaps and innovate.
Stories/Posts: The submitted posts must be an original creation about a lesson learnt or application of a lesson or idea or a project that you are working on.
Brainstorms: Web conferences every month – Speak and participate in topics that will help in innovation.
It is a new beginning.


HUBLI Applicants and Audience:
Explore new ideas and build your concepts into a reality. At HUBLI you will participate in discussions and listen to great stories to help kick start your innovation. Share your dream/passion, Path to success, How to apply, Create your future, Life lessons from the Mavens, Set your priority and goals, Typical challenges, “People” Science, How to “Balance”, How to use a “failure”, Identify opportunity, Persistence and Practice.
Business and Experts:
Bring in the simplistic approach and efficiency by understanding the “5th graders” take on your challenge. Discuss your challenge in the class room and be amazed at the creativity of the younger generation. Simplify your problem statement, Share and collaborate with students, Identify the Maven’s in your organization, Evaluate the simple solutions from the students, Bridge with your local schools, Invest in your future – Kids and schools, Gain efficiency, Network with other experts and Mavens.
Artists and Innovators:
Share your passion and love towards excellence so that other domains can adapt the techniques to derive excellence and innovation. Your input is the key.
Family and Kids:
Participate and share ideas on how to enable your child(ren) to achieve the impossible, dream big, learn responsibility and pursue a challenging career. Share your story- Parent, Share your imagination-Kid, Parenting to succeed, Dream big, What is important, Discipline and Focus, Video game and TV impacts, Path to greatness, How to use “failure”, Instant gratification impacts, Schools, Colleges and Books – What’s missing, Planning for the future generations.
Discuss the new age needs of governance, protocols and priorities to result innovation and growth.


We believe there is a need for a conversation where the younger imagination meets the maven experience to result in innovating the impossible. HUBLI is a platform to BS (brain storm) and build relationships within students, schools, businesses and Mavens with an objective to create and innovate.
Bridge schools, industries and homes.
Increase in innovation at every level.
C-Level Management

C-Level Management