Ai design based on biomimicry

Certification | Scholarship | Course

for Professionals | C-Suite+leaders | Students seeking to design Artificial Intelligence that compliments objective, beings  and nature.

Design Session Details

Online or Onsite | Attend the session that suits your schedule | No prior coding, education requirements | The conference series/course distributed over 9 months | 1 concept covered per month |  Age: 9 to 90+ | Online but can be customized and curated for institutional onsite needs

Live Brainstorm Sessions
Minutes Each Session
Days for onsite course. Varies for online.

Learn AI from “The Apple”

Understand AI design concepts in nature | Develop the AI train of thought for deep learning @ work, school and home | No coding or development or prior education criteria required 

What makes up an apple?

Hardware design concepts based on elements in nature at a macro and micro level that build the apple, seed, tree and more…

Is there a code?

Conceptual design of software: Operating system, Interfaces, Apps, knowledge base and more…

Governance Design

How the Environment, Parameters, Triggers, System Controls, Protocols design govern the evolution in nature…

*Please note that there will be no actual development of systems or technology. The program is conceptual and relates to AI design.


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The contribution amounts requested will be at the discretion of team NABROS’ evaluation of the applicant.

Meet the Design Architect ..

“Considering that a human’s core strength is having the most
advanced brain, mankind’s function may be to innovate and make the world
better for everyone, including all other species.
In the pursuit to create a global community of inventors and experts,
iINVENT was born. It is the methodology we have adopted in designing
all our solutions be it AI, Wearable Tech, Consulting Services
and more; in order to create the world’s largest community of experts
and inventors in the next 100 years.
I look forward to the AI brain storms with you.”

Abhi DhiYogi, Chief Design Inventor.



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