Son:  “I hate Math. Division is hard. Why can’t I just use the calculator”
Me:   “Do you see the cookie jar. How many cookies do you think are in the jar”
Son:   “1,2,3….15”
Me:   “Can  you please  divide them equally between the 4 of us”
Son:  “Sure. 1 for me. 1 for you. 1 for mom. 1 for brother…”
After he fishes making 4 piles of cookies,
Son:   “Dad, is it ok for brother to have one less cookie”
Me:    “Haha..Maybe your calculator will magically divide the cookies equally. Here you go”
After dividing 15 by 4,
Son:   “It says 3.75. What does that mean ”
Me:    “Here is some magic for you: Your brother has one less cookie. So if we need to make all four piles equal, how many cookies do we take out from each pile”
Son:     “Take out 1 cookie from each pile so each one of us will have 3”
Me:     ” Ok. Now you have 4 equal piles of 3 cookies plus 3 extra cookies. Can you break each extra cookie  into 4        equal parts and tell me how many cookies will each get“
Son:     “3 cookies and 3 small pieces each”
Me:       “Now that is why you need to learn to divide…since your calculator cannot ”