Origami is one of my favorite things to do. Learning new things and even teaching my friends if they want to learn how to make the origami model. It is one of the things that inspired me to build things and construct. The most recent flying origami model i made is a boomerang. Me and my friends were looking up some origami when the ‘how to make a paper boomerang’ video caught our eye. W tried to make it for about half an hour but we couldn’t. So we gave up. But I didn’t leave it, i spent a couple days trying to make it. But since I didn’t give up at it, I finally made it! My friends were pretty impressed that i made it. Even if they were not I would still be happy I made it. Well in the school year a lot of my friends wanted to learn from me so I taught them. The 2 things that inspired me to keep making origami was a paper plane and a paper ball. Origami inspired me, what inspires you?