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iINVENT at Sushanti children home

iINVENT @ Sushanti Sushanti Children's Home Innovation Center has been incubated to support kids in need with basic, education and innovation needs. Your support is much [...]

Baala Balaga Innovation Center

i I N V E N T  @  BAALA BALAGA is an initiative for the community of Baala Balaga School and Dharwad citizens to bring their [...]

Take A Dhi : AI 103

Take a Dhi to share how you fit perfectly in the world around you: AI 103 Design Concept. Care and Caution: May feel dizzy, avoid [...]

Clay County KY Innovation Center

Welcome to iINVENT @ Clay Clay County KY Innovation Center has been incubated to support ideas that enable individual and community growth with a focus [...]

Re designing a living room in Chicago

Living room transformation A living room in Chicago downtown gets a chic makeover with a light and airy contemporary style. Bright art and end tables lend [...]

A day in i i

A day in the life of iI Top of the ideas to you. “As you embark on this journey called life, remember, [...]

creative ideas

Submit your creative for a chance to win $900,000 in awards Project Creative  is open to individuals, schools, institutions, businesses and communities. Submit [...]


[fanim snippet=4] BUY it [fanim snippet=4] BUY it Smooth and comfortable to [...]


Help A Veteran bring ideas to life by clicking on the button below to shop with the coupon code ihelpveterans and we will match 100% in donations [...]

iINVENT Affiliate

Partner with us. MY ACCOUNT       MY PORTFOLIO        HELP/FAQ 1. Apply To join [...]

Plant your ideas to win up to ..

Plant an idea to win up to $900,000 in awards PROJECT ENVI  is open for individuals, schools, institutions, businesses and government. Submit your efforts: [...]

Project Father’s Day

Mentor Online + Onsite at orphanages that require guidance and subject matter expertise to support ideas in their community. [...]

MOM has a fever | Earth Day

It was almost 70 million years ago when MOM last had a fever. Since she couldn't find any help from her kids back then, she got [...]

Freaky Story

One day it was a normal day where I learned about science, math, and literacy and other subjects. I rode my bike to school so i obviously [...]

To get law passed…

So last summer I set a project for myself to get a mandatory helmet law passed in Illinois. I wanted to do this because my cousin who [...]

Origami the art of folding

Origami is one of my favorite things to do. Learning new things and even teaching my friends if they want to learn how to make the [...]