So last summer I set a project for myself to get a mandatory helmet law passed in Illinois. I wanted to do this because my cousin who was riding a motorcycle died in an accident because he was not wearing an helmet. I never wanted that to happen to anyone else. So I started to sent hand written letters on getting the helmet law passed to the Illinois senators. I got a response from the senator of Illinois Dick Durbin suggesting I contact senators in my area. So I sent hand written letters to the local senators of Illinois. Then I found out there was a previous attempt to pass a bill on a mandatory motorcycle helmet law in 2009. The person who supported this was Senator Donne Trotter. I sent him a letter about the issue. Then on the gloomy and rainy day of August 11 I called him and I talked to his assistant and he said that he will call me soon. To my surprise when I was hanging out with my friends I got a call from the senator himself two hours later in the day. I went to the side and discussed the problem outside my house. He said it’s becoming a economic problem and a safety problem. Safety because of accidents and more younger and inexperienced rider on the road. Economic because it’s coming out of tax payers pockets for insurance. He said he had a ten year commitment to get this law passed and I can help by getting my area’s board of health aware of this issue. So that is what I am doing right now and hope that they will get onboard with it and I push to other local areas to get this law in action. So thanks for reading and I hope to get law passed soon. See you next time!