One day it was a normal day where I learned about science, math, and literacy and other subjects. I rode my bike to school so i obviously I had to ride it back home. When i was going back I crossed the street and started to get my helmet off my handle. It had rained during the day so when i got out my pedals were a bit slippery. My helmet’s buckle got stuck in the wheel while i was trying to pull it out and ride the bike at the same time. I started to slip off then my foot came off the pedal and at that very moment I fell down and rolled on the grass. But I didn’t feel any pain, but when  I reached at my ear and when i took my fingers off I had blood.

One parent came rushing towards me and asked if I was ok. I said yeah but then she noticed my earlobe was a little sliced. It didn’t fall off but there was a huge sliced gash through there. they asked me to call my parents number with the school phone so I did. In two minutes my mom arrived. I had a napkin to stop the bleeding and we drove off to the doctors.

The doc said I had to get stitches but since the slice was so delicate he wouldn’t want to risk doing it and having it uneven. We went to the ER and they stitched up.  I did not  feel any pain because they had numbed the area.

When I think about it now, I think I learned a lot from that experience. The lesson I learned and I want to let all of  you know is that when you have to do multiple things at once, do one thing at a time and you probably won’t get in a bad situation like I did. I am fine now but I’m never going to forget that disaster on that day in 4th grade…..  now the ear feels good as new.