It was almost 70 million years ago when MOM last had a fever.

Since she couldn’t find any help from her kids back then, she got a shot. What happened is now called K-T event in history which made sure she was cured.

Today, she is suffering from fever again. We have a choice to make- either to help MOM recover from her fever or a shot will always be available to cure her of all the infections.

Dr. Sanjeev Kulkarni, Creator, Inventor and Maven, provides a solution and concept that we can follow to create, develop and grow in harmony with MOM a.k.a Nature, Earth, Environment. The first step – get your hands dirty by planting a tree to bring down MOM’s fever. He planted one a few years ago. Today he has a forest farm ( ) which is now a Incubation farm for good ideas. Check out his inspiring talk about curing global warming given at the iINVENT concert conducted with the students and faculty from KLE- CTIE, University of Massachusetts @ Boston US and Nanjing University @ China.