On this doctor’s day sharing what my great grandpa shared as a practice with his grand children and they with their children and now the children share that with the neighbors and friends 10000 miles away.

This morning I met Maggie, a senior who frequents our street with her pup on their daily walks. She shared the pics of the new baby in the family and  how  awesome it felt becoming a great grandma. And continued, she has not yet driven to meet them 4 hours away, since the incident last Monday: she got out of the bed and just fell flat on her face unconscious. The doc says all reports look good and nothing to worry. But she is being cautious. 

As we conversed, it reminded me on how my uncle had talked about my Great Grandpa instilling the practice of praying before going to bed and more importantly praying before getting out of bed, even if it was just to get a glass of water in the middle of the night. He said, Great Grandpa had told him on how it takes a little time for the blood to reach the brain once you are upright from a flat sleeping position. And how the practice of a prayer before getting out of bed puts us in the right direction for the day but also helps in reducing the risk of dizziness or falling unconscious due to blood circulation issues when one suddenly goes upright from a flat position. “Always try to start your day in gratitude and humbleness” my uncle echoed what he had been told.

So I told Maggie the above story and also how my dad self massages his palms, face and feet before slowly getting out of bed everyday. 

Maggie said “Tell your Great Grandpa a big thank you in your prayer tonight and also your dad” as she continued on her walk after our 30 minute conversation or disruption …

Photo by Spenser H