Transformative Educational Opportunity for Gadhdhoo Constituency in Maldives Unveiled by iINVENT NABROS

In a groundbreaking endeavor to advance educational empowerment and foster sustainable development, iINVENT NABROS has proudly announced the launch of an extraordinary initiative targeted at supporting the Gadhdhoo constituency in the Maldives.

This innovative program is set to distribute 5000 complimentary seats, representing an investment of 1.4 Million Rufiyaa ($90,000 USD), aimed at bolstering the educational and innovative prowess of students and citizens grappling with economic hardships. At the heart of this initiative is the Vaadhoo CLICS project, a labor of love and dedication by Sarah Mohamed over the past five years, symbolizing the community’s relentless pursuit of progress and a brighter future.

Under the able leadership of the MP for Gadhdhoo Constituency, Hon. Ahmed Zahir, this initiative is positioned to inspire widespread advancement, enhancing educational opportunities, project innovation, and lifestyle improvements. It seeks to rejuvenate the educational landscape of the area, significantly contributing to the Maldives’ ambitious Net Zero objective by 2030. This endeavor exemplifies the seamless fusion of sustainability and innovation aimed at uplifting the welfare of the community.

Participants are encouraged to submit their AIMS for a chance to win grants, awards, and support, contributing to community innovation projects that make a real difference.

In addition to these efforts, NABROS has also introduced “Make ‘It’ Simple” – a suite of consulting solutions and workshops designed to meet organizations’ and businesses’ diverse project requirements and team development needs. With over 22 years of experience in strategy, design, deployment, and managed support across various domains, NABROS is committed to delivering excellence. From establishing innovation centers to integrating AI, IoT, and ERP solutions, our projects are tailored to support businesses of all sizes in achieving their innovation goals.

This is an open invitation to students, professionals, and homemakers within the Gadhdhoo constituency to take advantage of this unmatched opportunity. To claim a complimentary seat, please visit Vaadhoo CLICS and follow the simple steps provided to receive an access code. Join us on this transformative journey toward educational excellence and communal advancement.