Grant Programs for 2024-25, Announced by iINVENT NABROS to Empower Global Youth and Improve Educational Infrastructure

Inviting In Need Institutions and Students around the world.

In an exciting update, iINVENT NABROS announced that in the coming fiscal year, it will be introducing a number of fresh programs aimed at empowering the next generation and assisting disadvantaged youngsters worldwide. These focused programs will improve educational curriculum, infrastructure and impart vital life and technical skills, giving these kids the advantage they need to excel in both their personal and professional lives.

iINVENT NABROS is currently inviting everyone who is in need to apply for grants and support at This year, the organization is extending invitations to those who would like to support children in need by sharing their expertise and time, including Cafes Universities, Schools, Corporations, Community centers, and Home Start UPs. This will enable them to increase their revenue stream while enabling holistic growth.

The iINVENT 3 P’s Skill Workshop, a comprehensive year-long program that begins on April 1, 2024, is the focal point of iINVENT NABROS’s efforts. The program aims to cultivate the three P’s — Personal, People, and Project skills — that are necessary for comprehensive development. These workshops will be integrated with computer training sessions to enable teachers, students, and parents to understand how technology can be leveraged for their growth and development.

Acknowledging the significance of a favorable educational setting, iINVENT NABROS intends to compliment the regional partners in their infrastructure development initiatives like provisioning of education labs, basic utilities, clean drinking water and hygienic bathrooms and more at institutions in need.

The Arogyasankalpa Project is another noteworthy project that would provide health and well-being programs customized to the needs of professionals, students, and underprivileged populations. These sessions, which are slated to take place between June 2024 and March 2025, will be integrated with the 3P’s skill development programs in order to promote a culture of sustainable, health-conscious growth.

Continuing on its partnership with Karnataka University Dharwad (KUD), iINVENT NABROS is also provisioning Karnataka University Center For Learning Innovation Creativity Start UP. Through this collaboration, the 3 P Skill Development program will be made available to more than 250 KUD-affiliated universities, offering substantial educational and developmental advantages to both staff and students.

Looking back at the previous fiscal year’s achievements, iINVENT NABROS along with its regional partners successfully carried out a number of projects, such as providing tuition-free classes, internship opportunities, and health workshops, as well as donating vital supplies to government schools. Many towns and villages around the world now have much better educational environments as a result of these efforts.

A brief highlight of the past accomplishments by iINVENT NABROS and its regional partners:

  • Donated #127 bags to students of Govt. HPS Channapa Uttangi, Dharwad (March 2023) I  Estm. Cost  70,000 INR  I Sponsor – Evolve Lives Foundation.
  • Tuition classes conducted for students from 7th -10th std. to prep them for their exams I #64 Sessions I  Estm. Cost  17,500 INR I Sponsor – iINVENT NABROS.
  • 3P Workshop/Classes for Sri Lanka’s number one children’s home:  | #55 Sessions | Estm. Cost: $30,000
  • Launched paid internship program for students I #47 sessions I Scholarships worth: 1,01,000 INR I Sponsor –  iINVENT NABROS.
  • Five (5) computers leased to DCPUD institutes I Estm. Cost –  75,000 INR I Sponsor – iINVENT NABROS.
  • Hanging libraries donated to #4 Govt. schools and #3 DCPUD Institutes I Estm. Cost – 35,000 INR Sponsor – Books For All NGO.
  • Guitar classes started at Children’s Home for Boys- a DCPUD Unit I #22 sessions I Facilitated by iINVENT NABROS.
  • Water filter and Projector donated to Children’s Home for Boys a DCPUD Unit I Est. Cost 85,000 INR I Sponsor – Evolve Lives Foundation.
  • Sports grant provided to support Nagraj Divate a college student from KUD I Est. Cost 10,000 INR I Sponsor – Manik Family Grant @ iINVENT.
  • Space labs setup/launched at 3 GHS schools I Cost 15 Lakhs INR I Sponsor –  Space E Scholyar.
  • Computer training provided to #6 Govt. high schools I Cost 1,32,500 INR I Sponsor – MCKS food for the hungry foundation, Evolve Lives foundation and iINVENT NABROS,
  • iINVENT Monthly Brainstorm / Awards / AIMS, a global event I #6 sessions I Sponsor – iINVENT NABROS.
  • CLICS license donated to #80 Govt. high schools I Estm. Cost – 16,442,103.2 INR I Sponsor – iINVENT NABROS.
  • iINVENT onsite workshop for innovation at DCPUD institutes I #18 sessions I Sponsor – iINVENT NABROS.
  • GSCTP Exams – Practical and theory exams conducted for #6  Govt. high schools for #751 students I Sponsor – MCKS Food for the Hungry Foundation.
  • 513 Govt. schools registered with the DDCLICS platform and Data base created I  Facilitated by iINVENT NABROS.