Ai Conference For Student

For the student seeking to learn Artificial Intelligence ( Ai ) so as to apply it in the individual pursuits of today and tomorrow .. [...]

innovative science

Which science formula has survived the test of time? Do not click on that icon please.. Is Quantum science the new [...]

Was Earth born Yesterday?

Why can we conclude Earth was born yesterday? Click on the simulator  >>  Select the date in the simulator from the given list below >>Note the position [...]

MOM has a fever | Earth Day

It was almost 70 million years ago when MOM last had a fever. Since she couldn't find any help from her kids back then, she got [...]

Movie making: what goes in a product

This year I graduated to   freshman  in high school (9th grade) and one of my favorite classes  is Media and communications. My teacher Mr. Bloem is [...]


The story behind the creation of HUB for learning and innovation (HUBLI) and how NABROS is a part of this initiative.

Music, Bono and Einstein

From 10 Year old’s to 50 year mavens discuss the impact of music on innovation and why it is essential in every facet of creation.


HUBLI stands for HUB for LEARNING and INNOVATION. It is named after the city of HUBBALI which is the largest university town in India. It is a [...]