This year I graduated to   freshman  in high school (9th grade) and one of my favorite classes  is Media and communications. My teacher Mr. Bloem is teaching this class. A thought came in my mind. What is this code he is talking in then i learned what really goes into a movie and I want to share what I learned so if you want to become a creative here are some tips. I want to be a movie maker and he taught me many things about how a simple shot in a movie tells a story. So this is what I learned in my first couple of weeks in high school.

Background: You never want anything be distract the watcher on the screen. You want your focus on the characters of interest or the main object. For example if there are two people on the screen and you want them to be the main focus you want to usually center them and focus on them and what you don’t want to do most of the time is say put 5 birds in the background. The background creates their environment and setting.

People on the screen accept reality the way its on the screen: This is one of the most important lessons you should learn as a movie maker. We saw an example of this and when people watch the movie they want to grasp the story and let it play out for them. We saw this and in one of our first film projects. The character has a thought and we saw what he was thinking. The video has no words. He said he if he was going to be tripped by somebody he would get up immediately and instead he trips and we could not tell what was a thought or the actual thing.

The character in the story needs to grow: If you watch all three Iron Man’s and if you see Tony Stark in Iron Man (my favorite superhero) he starts out as sort of an arrogant person in the first movie and was still one in the second. But he grows and learns his lessons and takes his responsibilities more and more seriously. If a movie has no growth in a character and he does not change much the story is pretty much the same beginning to end.

Alright thank you for reading and like and follow and thank you Mr. Bloem for these great four weeks in media.