iINVENT Hand Made Book: Wake up your ideas

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In stock (can be backordered)

In stock (can be backordered)

The  secret formula that the great minds such as Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Gandhi and others used to change the world around us for the better can be understood in 20 minutes from this hand made art manuscript.

The materials used are eco friendly / recycled. The design is based on the vitruvian man and the golden ratio.

Shipping Free | Delivery time 3 days to 4 weeks | 100% refund policy – please see terms.

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A HAND MADE art manuscript that can be read in 20 minutes by kids and adults , treasured in your library or coffee table and that can be passed on to the generation to come. Most importantly this book is a guide to practice building one’s own ideas. The design is based on the vitruvian man and the golden ratio. The art manuscript is HAND MADE out of recycled and eco friendly materials to the extent feasible with an objective to hopefully last for centuries: will need the readers care and maintenance.

Author: Abhi NABROS DhiYogi

Shipping Free: The book will be shipped to any location in the world. The standard cost of shipping is included.  If you need it expedited please note it at the time of purchase. We will do our level best to full fill your order.

Materials: Jute Cover / Recycled Paper

Skilled artists: Hand printing, Stitching, art and binding.

Return Policy: For any defect a return label and a new art print will be shipped.

The i INVENT art manuscript outlines this secret so anyone can build on their dreams and ideas using the logic and thought process given in the book.

It seems cliché to state “All of us have great ideas” . Of course we do. But how many of these ideas does one actually create or manifest into reality. As Abhi DhiYogi completed his years of R&D with story telling in Hubbali schools last year, he realized the great minds and achievers such as Tendulkar or Gandhi or Steve Jobs used the same formula to create and make history. The iINVENT manuscript was born to tell this simple formula of thought process used by the great minds of our generation in form of a story so a kid to an adult can start changing the world around them by inventing.

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