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A story about the secret to enable the best ideas and bring them to life. A must read for a student, professional to the CEO at home or school or work. You may download for FREE  by submitting an AIMS or with your purchase which will be donated to iINVENT GRANT.


A story to enable One to catch, plant n’ grow ideas at school or home or work in their pursuits. All proceeds from the book go to the  iINVENT grant which enables children and communities in need.  Those seeking to apply for the grant please click here. For more details browse below.

“Considering that a human’s core strength is having the most advanced brain, mankind’s function may be to innovate and make the world better for everyone, including all other species.” Says the Author, Abhi DhiYogi.

It seems cliché to state “All of us have great ideas” . Of course we do. But how many of these ideas does one actually create or manifest into reality. As Abhi completed his years of R&D with story telling in Hubbali schools last year, he realized the great minds and achievers such as Tendulkar or Gandhi or Steve Jobs use the same formula to create and make history.

The iINVENT manuscript was born to tell this simple formula of thought process used by the great minds of our generation in form of a story so a kid to an adult can start changing the world around them by inventing.

All of us are told that “we can achieve what ever we want”, “be the greatest” blah blah ..but how? What is the difference between me and Steve Jobs, Gandhi, Phelps or Jordan or Tendulkar …The difference is the thought process and how these great minds used a simple formula/concept  to achieve the greatest.

The i INVENT art manuscript outlines this secret so anyone can build on their dreams and ideas using the logic and thought process given in the book.

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All purchases will be donated to iINVENT Grant which supports:

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