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“I think your story will inspire my son to streamline his ideas and help him do great with the opportunities he gets.”

Director, Fortune 500 Firm

“What amazed me was the fact that it summarized my own innovation experience as a concept that any kid can understand in 20 minutes to create on their own ideas.”

Inventor and Maven, Eco Incubation Center founder

“I know how to practice building my ideas now.”

10 year old student, USA

“A must read for any student, teacher, parent, employee or CEO”

Home Maker | Principal | Entrepreneur


A one of a kind art manuscript with the secret mantra to wake up the inventor within.


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Some ideas, stories and perspectives from our idea diary.

Design and craftmanship

The design of the book is based on the Vitruvian man and the golden ratio.

The paper used is made from recycled waste textile garments and the cover is made out of Jute.

The book is hand crafted and hand stitched to minimize waste.

The glue and the ink used are from the locally available resources.

The life span of this eco friendly art manuscript with good care is up to a minimum of 50 years.


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