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We thank the Kappathagudda Book creative team for donating their work to support the India CLICS project/grant.

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The creator/author team of  Kappathagudda : Book of Medical Plants in Gadag has donated the book to support INDIA CLICS Grant  (India’s Center For Learning Innovation Creativity and StartUp) which supports India’s:

>> 3C Projects and Partners: CLEAN : Air -Water-Earth | CREATIVE : Education-Career-Economy | COMMUNITY : In need-Health -Safety

>> Eligible Participant AIMS : artists, innovators, individuals, institutes, ideas, musicians, students, startups and others who’s pursuits align with the 3C’s

>> Winning/selected grant/scholarship applicants

>> Community members in need


All applicants, donations and recipients to be public.

The rules, eligibility and terms are noted below.


Thank you for the generous contributions. All donations will be updated within 2 to 5 business days after payment clearing.


The recipients, projects and AIMS who have benefited from the contributions from the start.


Each month’s winner(s) announced 30 days after the end of the month. The winner will be notified via the registered email.


List, rules, eligibility and more.


You may share your AIMS, reviews or input below for a chance to win. Or get in touch.

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