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DHI 1 to 108 : Yoga for the intellect to catch, plant and grow ideas in our  pursuits | Balance to catch ideas | Open to plant | Learn from all to grow the ideas.

ISBN PRINT –978-1-0881-0987-8 | ISBN Ebook -978-1-0881-0995-3 | Library of Congress Control Number: 2023903628 | All profits will be utilized for children/projects in need.

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from the book and the blog

Dear Friend. As this Sunday morning woke me up to the thoughts of how to sell my new book releasing soon, talked to ...

To the family I have and the strangers I met along the way. To each good experience and the bad ones that [...]

Cultivating a habit of exploring new roads; be it to school or to work or to home or maybe on vacation has helped me [...]

Perspective plays the lead role in the act of learning.

I thought it was school and college that helped me to kick start my life. But it was later that I realized, it’s actually [...]

When one takes ownership of the action irrespective of the result, then one discovers responsibility.

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Another love song which became a lullaby and now has morphed into a devotional song. Sponsored by: Bring your ideas to life @ I-invent.org

A short short movie on The idea of Time Line by Abhi DhiYogi

A short short movie on The idea of Time Line .. by Abhi.DhiYogi.org #timeline #relativity #quantum #dhiyoga

A short short movie on The idea of Time Line .. by Abhi.DhiYogi.org #timeline #relativity #quantum #dhiyoga

Another love song which over the years turned into a lullaby and now into a devotional song. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. ????

For more AIMS : art, ideas, music and stories visit abhi.dhiyogi.org

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