Manage yourself, NOT your time

I would like us to take a brief look at how well we have managed our time. This is an issue that most people battle with, day in day out. I have tried more productivity systems and tools than could possibly be productive.
The reason that I’ve failed to maintain other tools/systems is that after the initial newness wore off, the checklists and to-dos all seemed to be well and boring at the same time. I needed something more visual and engaging to hold my attention.

I think everyone has their own approach to dealing with personal tasks that works for them.
Here is new tool that I have been using from past few weeks to create and manage my task and time effectively. One of the most important time management principle, to which I have referred, is “one thing at a time” and this tool will enable you to stay on top of it. You can prioritize your task as important/not important and urgent/non-urgent.
Here’s how it works for me and could work for you:

1. First create your Task list- Go to Add TASK LIST Button and create your task list for ex–
a. HR Task
b. Orientation
c. Recruitment List
Under (a) HR task list, I can have n number of separate task and likewise for (b) Orientation and (c) Recruitment list

2. Create your Task for each task list- Click on the task list that you created (a. HR task) and click on ADD TASK button.

As shown in fig give the task a relevant NAME, description, assignee, due dates and estimated time to complete

3. Record your TIME- Go the TIME button at the top bar or particular task and log your TIME. Or even better start the timer while you working on a particular task

4. Use FILES to upload files- Go the Files and can upload the files

5. Use Messages for all communication: If there is any message to share, update in Message tab as shown below

It has become my highly-individualized, personal task management system of choice. The best part about it is that you can create your OWN system within the system. Hope this helps to manage yourself, not your task.
You can refer to a video for better understanding. Thank you