Leadership Strategy

design should be driven by:

1. The Vision.

What is the organization’s vision for the next 3, 5, 10, 20, 100 years.

2. The Cause

What is the cause that will enable the vision.

3. The Effect(s)

The developments and innovations that are a byproduct of the cause and vision.

“Happy 15th To NABROS.

When I read a letter from RH CEO Gary Friedman recently, I was inspired to paint a picture with words on how vision, cause and effect have enabled us at a personal and philosophical level in our  journey at NABROS.
Our train of thought is leading us towards a destination of becoming the world’s most innovative community in 100 years; and the idea of innovation to make everything around us simple is the track on which we ride.
But, is it the idea or train of thought or destination that connects us?
I believe it is the opportunity of self discovery in this journey of  bringing ideas to life that keeps us connected in the test of time.”
Abhi DhiYogi,
Chief Design Inventor