When I was in high school I wanted to be a Doctor because best of my cousin was studying medicine. While growing up, as kids we’re all fascinated by many things around us and so were I. Being a hair/skin expert; cosmopolitan or work for a fashion magazine were all what intrigued me. Not sure exactly what I wanted but to be famous.

I always had been part school plays, college fashion shows and other cultural events. I took combination of PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Math, Biology) in my plus 2 and I lived in Hubli. Although part of me wanted to go to an art school for college, it didn’t even really seem like an option at the time–my family expected me to go the academic route, and so I guess I expected that of myself as well.

I applied for medicine but unfortunately I couldn’t get in my city and moving to other places where I got through wasn’t permitted at my home. It was the first time in my life that I gave something my all and it didn’t come through. Up until then, I had really believed that if I worked REALLY, really hard at something that I could always achieve it. It was a good lesson to learn, and a good time to learn it. Soon after that I applied for equivalent degrees but couldn’t wait any longer for the result. No choice but opt Engineering as I was already late by couple of months. I ended up at Engineering College doing computers as major. First year was a disaster with no friends and no good grades but then later I had the best of pals and manage to get the grades too.

Time just flew and I was a graduate now. By this time I knew I wanted to work but not many opportunities in my city and I didn’t know much else. I was open to opportunities that came my way and began teaching BCA grads.
At times I asked to myself- Is this what I wanted to do? AM I happy teaching? NO answers. I was kind of lost. I have felt desperate and alone. I’d anger and contempt for those in power who didn’t pick me after nailing the job interview. During my darkest moments when I lost sight of hope, I was so miserable that I was tempted to blame others or outside circumstances for my misfortune.
Then I moved to private training and development institutes as trainer/counselor/Placement co coordinator for couple of years. I was more like a duck who looks and quiet and calm at the top but struggling underwater. Things in my professional life were a bit hectic as I was pushed to sales team. Same time I was going through a tough break-up and needed a scene change. Mean time I’d to quit my job because my company wanted me to re locate to Bangalore.

Couple of months later, one morning, ex colleague (now a friend) of mine approached me for HR opening at NABROS and I soon picked up without thinking too much. I was worried since I’d no HR or any equivalent degree but somehow got through it.
I won’t say I was all excited on my first day but yes I was convinced with whatever I’d to do. Same time I was nervous since I’d No HR experience but then I thought zero would be the good number to begin with. I learnt things and picked up well, may be because it came naturally to me. I just had to be myself. My earliest beginnings actually focused on recruitment and payroll. Eventually, over the years, my role expanded to leading the Ops team, handling end to end HR activities, directing admin and account team.

Back then I felt that picking up my first two jobs were not so clever decision but now when I look back and think- I realize I have learnt a lot from every job that I took up. It was always new experience. I apply my learning in my current job and day to day life. In a way my previous job helps me being an active listener, be patient and compassionate. Bachelor’s degree helped me understand the technology better to recruit people across different levels and much needed in IT industry.
It’s been a year of growth and opportunity for me and I’ve met some amazing people along my way. Am thankful for their support and guidance throughout. I’ve just started and there is a long way to go.

Sometimes maybe we know exactly what it is we dream of being, or maybe we’re paralyzed because we have no idea what our passion is. The truth is, it doesn’t matter. We don’t have to know. We just have to keep moving forward. We just have to keep doing something, seizing the next opportunity, staying open to trying something new. And no matter what situations do to your mind, remember the dream is worth all of it.