A LETTER TO MASON Write a letter to share your AIMS and bring them to life. WRITE E-LETTER MAIL A LETTER  Learn More [...]


DONATE Apply for grant | About+FAQ Why: This Rotary Bengeri School's Center for Learning, Innovation, Creativity and Startup (CLICS) [...]

Ai Conference For Student

For the student seeking to learn Artificial Intelligence ( Ai ) so as to apply it in the individual pursuits of today and tomorrow .. [...]

innovative science

Which science formula has survived the test of time? Do not click on that icon please.. Is Quantum science the new [...]

Innovative Math

What would you say is the universal pattern that each leaf adapts so it receives the max sunlight? You did not click on that icon ..did [...]

Baala Balaga Innovation Center

i I N V E N T  @  BAALA BALAGA is an initiative for the community of Baala Balaga School and Dharwad citizens to bring their [...]

Take A Dhi : AI 103

Take a Dhi to share how you fit perfectly in the world around you: AI 103 Design Concept. Care and Caution: May feel dizzy, avoid [...]

A day in i i

A day in the life of iI Top of the ideas to you. “As you embark on this journey called life, remember, [...]


[fanim snippet=4] BUY it [fanim snippet=4] BUY it Smooth and comfortable to [...]

Was Earth born Yesterday?

Why can we conclude Earth was born yesterday? Click on the simulator  >>  Select the date in the simulator from the given list below >>Note the position [...]