NABROS-iINVENT contributed $6.6 million in CLICS licensing and consulting to support the sustainable projects initiated in USA, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Japan during COVID times. 


DDCLIS an initiative of Dharwad district’s Department of Public Instructions, local NGO’s, citizens and corporates was launched in 300+ schools in Karnataka, India, to support online tuitions, exams and AIMS of the students+community.


500+ virtual class room tuitions and well being workshops conducted by experts for the local region of 1.5 Million citizens and the community members in USA, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Japan.


Hon. Ahmed Zahir, MP for Gadhdhoo, launched Maldives CLICS to support the Net Zero efforts of Maldives along with the first CLICS in the Vaadhoo region lead by Hon. Sarah Mohamed.


Evolve Lives Foundation, an NGO lead by Hon. Ottilie Anban Kumar, enables people, private and public sectors to come together in Dharwad, India, to mitigate the COVID crisis, start on sustainable community projects and support the gov. school students in need.


Hon. Ralph Mason, teacher at Hill middle school Naperville, who has been enabling the children in their pursuits over the past 20+ years with an innovative letter program, started the same virtually with the children in Japan, Sri Lanka and India. 


Children from Sri Lanka’s AMITSU home attend virtual classes and complete STEAM evaluations with flying colors.



INDIA CLICS launched with NABROS in Bangalore, India, supported the initiatives with the project management and operations. The teams were lead by Hon. Gerard Manik, PMO Director, NABROS-India.


Books and daily online concerts to learn the Yoga of catching, planting and growing ideas in one’s pursuits at school, home or work, published by Hon. Abhi DhiYogi, Chief Design Inventor at NABROS.