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Enable Sri Lanka’s students, professionals, institutions and  “in need community” AIMS for a sustainable innovative growth at school, work and home.

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Sri Lanka


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Book Of Dhi Yoga is now available worldwide in 40,000 (forty thousand) plus outlets and ...libraries in paperback and ebook edition .
All profits from sales will go towards projects which support those in need. For more details : i-invent.
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You may request a complimentary concert (no cost to you) to support your cause. Submit ...details @ .
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#FirstAid & ...#BasicLifeSupport ( #CPR ) Training & Certification - It's the Difference between Life & Death.

#EmpoweringGovernmentSchools - Dharwad district's 20 government school's registered students, Headmasters/Headmistresses and teachers will be trained on the art of gift of life!

#DDCLICS, #EvolveLivesFoundation, #RotaryClubofSevenHillsDharwad, #IndianRedCrossSocietyDharwad, #TheKarnatakaCancerTherapyandResearchInstituteHubballi in collaboration with #DepartmentofPublicInstructionsDharwad invite you to join the #CPR (#Cardiopulmonaryresuscitation) and First Aid Training & Certification workshop on Monday 12th December at 3 pm IST.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a lifesaving technique that's useful in many emergencies, such as a heart attack or near drowning, in which someone's breathing or heartbeat has stopped. It's not just for healthcare workers and emergency responders. In fact, CPR can double or triple the chance of survival when bystanders take action. Therefore to save lives let's learn and take action if and when required.

To watch/listen/discuss this Monday @ 3 pm please visit

This session will be streamed live from Government High School #AadarshVidyalaya, Dharwad.

#dharwad #indiaaims #india #AWEHD #maldivesaims #usaims #srilankaaims #healthcare

#Paneldiscussion by #GovernmentHighSchool #Managundi students on their innovative ...#Projects & #Achievements

#DDCLICS, #EvolveLivesFoundation, #DepartmentofPublicInstructions, #Dharwad district in collaboration with other partners would like to invite you to join the Innovative Student's Panel Discussion on December 6th @ 7:30pm IST by GOVERNMENT HIGH SCHOOL Managundi students. They will be sharing the innovative stories of success in the projects taken up at their school and their achievements.

Live streaming @

For more information please visit

#dharwad #indiaaims #india #AWEHD #maldivesaims #usaims #srilankaaims

Interact with #DrPreethaJShetty on #OralHealthEducation Part 2 - Adverse effects of ...#Tobacco on Oral health
Project #ArogyaSankalpa - Become a #HealthHero!


#DDCLICS, #EvolveLivesFoundation, #iInvent, #SDMCollegeofDentalSciencesandHospital and #DepartmentofPublicInstructions would like to invite you to join the discussion with Dr Preetha J Shetty,
Professor & Head,
Department of Public health dentistry,
SDM College of dental Sciences & Hospital Sattur, Dharwad on ORAL HEALTH EDUCATION this Thursday 24th November at 12 pm IST.

To submit your questions prior to the session please visit and click on the blue 'chat icon' at the right corner.

To watch/listen/discuss on Thursday @ 12PM please visit

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All that we claim to be ours,
Be it wealth, health or anything else,
Is just a by design.
Lear more @
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An Idea transforms into a timeless creation
when one becomes aware of every outcome, ...gain and fame that is being contemplated as a possibility
in the manifestation of the idea; only to set all of those contemplations aside
#dhiyoga #book_of_dhi_1

Inviting you to the "Make In Lanka" brainstorm to embark on ideas and solutions... which meet our immediate and long term needs at home, school and work. 7.30PM | SEP 30 | Live streaming @ .
To learn more please visit :

#srilankaaims #iinvent #Layer7 #AIMS #SLASSCOM #startup #techstartup #BPO

Inviting you to the "Make In Lanka" brainstorm to embark on ideas and solutions... which meet our immediate and long term needs at home, school and work. 7.30PM | SEP 30 | Live streaming @ .
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Sri Lanka


Center for Learning, Innovation, Creativity and Startup

The Grant/Scholarship for this project will support:

>> Eligible AIMS : artists, innovators, individuals, institutes, ideas, musicians, students, startups, sports and others who’s pursuits align with the 3E’s

>> 3E project priorities : Environment: Air -Water-Earth | Education: Innovation-Skill Dev-Career | Eco-Heritage : Economy-Safety-Culture

>> Winners of various AIMS competitions and grant applicants

>> Community members in need of opportunities

>> Education research and development

$2 Million+ (USD)

in kind grants, scholarships and more will be awarded to the monthly/quarterly/yearly winners from around the world per country, region, institute and individual.

Award Portfolio  >> Join the Award Ceremony >>


The total prize purse raised will be distributed annually to the top AIMS winners globally and support the in kind donations.

Prize Purse Distribution >>

*Please note all donations up to 2020 to this grant were made by  iINVENT

DONOR NAME Estm. Donation Valuation

 USD. 1.24 Million (Licensing, Consulting, Design)

From March 01 2021 to March 31 2022

Recipient/Project link  Estimated Donation Valuation




Rs. 5.4 Cr. (Licensing) | Rs. 78 Lakh (Design, PMO, Leadership, Tuitions)

USD. 25,000 (Licensing, Design, PMO, Leadership, Tuitions, Scholarship)

USD. 144,000 (Remote Learning, Design, Tech)

USD. 12,000 (Strategy, Design, Licensing, PMO)

The contributions at regional, national, international level  from the donation for the year  will be distributed to the  recipients as noted in the distribution chart.

Please see FAQ section for more details.

You may click here to review the up-to-date rules.

Apply to start up your AIMS with your own CLICS for individual, institute/business or community. You may win the 1st year complimentary CLICS license for your AIMS sponsored by the partners.


Please select below

Art or Academics | Idea or Initiative | Music or More | Story or .. details

By submitting you agree to  iI terms

Are there any fees?

There are no fees charged to participate.

Who can participate-

-For students, individuals, organizations public/private sector to collaborate and work together on sustainable AIMS .

How to participate-

All can share theirs AIMS on their social media account as public post. Please click here for details.

Types of awards –

For the year 2022 in kind globally : USD 2million+ dollars has been attributed

In kind and donations – Monthly/Quarterly/Annually – this will be given to the shortlisted AIMS entry winners.

Cash prizes Annually –  The contributions at regional, national, international level  from the donation for the year  will be distributed to the  recipients as noted in the distribution chart.

Categories of awards

2.Institutions(Public or Private sector)

Levels of award allocations

1.Island/City/Place/Regional level – What is generated from local/individual CLICS will go to the shortlisted applicants from the region.
2.National level – What is generated from at a national level will be distributed to shortlisted applicants/regions from the nation.
3.International level – What is generated from iINVENT at a global level will be distributed to shortlisted applicants nationally, regionally, and locally

Percentage of award allocations

All individual CLICS will promote their CLICS and from whatever is generated  85% will go to that individual CLICS AIMS winners and 15% is being donated by the CLICS to the national/global CLICS AIMS. Transaction fees may be deducted from the winning amounts based on fees charged by banks and online service providers.

Public Information

1.All donations made on the platform are public information
2.All the recipient AIMS  on the platform are public information
3.Any discrepancy or issue is public information

Prize announcement and distribution

1.All prize winners will be announced in the award ceremony broadcasted online plus updated on the respective CLICS/Competition page.
2.The cash prizes will be deposited to the winner’s account or the parent/guardian account in case of minor.
3.Cheque and Online transfer are the two key modes. In kind awards will be emailed.

Other general questions:

1.What is CLICS stand for?

Cafe/Center for Learning Innovation Creativity & Startup.

2.What is AIMS ?

Art + Academics, Ideas + Initiatives, Music n’ More, Stories n StartUp.

3.What is CLICS program about

CLICS : Center/Cafe for Learning Innovation Creativity & Startup, is  a platform by iINVENT NABROS which is launched at homes, schools, corporates and communities to compliment our support for the local AIMS (Art + Academics, Ideas + Initiatives, Music n’ More, Stories n StartUp+Sports).

4.What is the concept of   “yoga your ideas with songs, stories” ?

These are concerts curated by experts for all age groups with songs and stories to yoga the ideas in one’s pursuits at work, school or home. These concerts helps one to catch ideas, plant and grow them.

5.Where can I get details about competitions, grants and scholarships ?

-Please visit your regional CLICS  or visit and search for the specific.

6.Is this program and prizes available to all ?

At this time it is available to those who qualify. All minors need to have parents consent prior to partcipation.

7.How does it help me as an artist?

-You may contribute by sharing your art form by going to the AIMS section in your CLICS
-We will promote and feature your art in our virtual and onsite (where available)
-If you are a musician/speaker we can invite you to perform/speak at one of the concerts
-Innovators and story tellers invited too.

8.What is corporate CLICS ?

-We can conduct events for corporates based on the curation needs
-Corporates can book events in the CLICS. We can curate the concert per the need
-Corporates may start up a CAFE CLICS  by filling out the form in the start up section

9.What can students do?

-Students and friends may catch, plant and grow ideas
– Share AIMS and apply for grants and scholarships.
-Families/friends can connect over curations and conversations.
-Students ,Families ,friends can share AIMS for a chance to qualify for awards and get featured on our AIMS Wall.
-To share AIMS and to Apply for grants and scholarships please visit the CLICS

10.What is the offering for local businesses and startup’s?

-We invite local businesses and startup’s to share their story that we would stream/record on their behalf and share with the community.
-To share AIMS and to apply/win for grants and scholarships

11. How can I startup?

Please visit the “startup” section in the details.

12.What is the Support I can give?

You may donate to the grant which supports those in need or contribute in kind your time and expertise.

**All content posted and shared is the responsibility of such an individual/institute. Please see our complete terms and conditions.

Thank You

for submitting your questions, issues, updates, reviews and feedback below plus for sharing this initiative on your social media:

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