I have been working in recruitment not too long but since 4 years and although I enjoy my chosen profession more often than not (this is subject to change) there are certain aspects that still have the ability to make it even simple and better.

Most of us are building are businesses with a very strict budget. We constantly looking for Freelancers or very inexpensive resources so that we can get help when NEEDED and don’t have to invest more. At the same time we as an job seekers looking for such jobs where NO boss, No strict schedule, work whenever we want and how much ever we want.

We all know there are major reasons for companies to hire contractors but today let’s talk about pros and cons of hiring Contractors

Benefits of Hiring Contractors
• Save money
• Staffing flexibility
• Most Contractors bring specialized expertise to the job, they are usually productive immediately, eliminating the time and cost of training.

Disadvantages of Hiring Contractors
1. You have less control over your contractors- Since contractors are permitted to work for a number of different companies at a time. You won’t have as much control over their time, efforts, and loyalty as you would with a permanent employee.
2. Your contractors will come and go – Contractors are needed for relatively short term projects which they come and go. And the quality of work we get from various Contractors may be uneven
Your right to fire contractors depends on written agreement
3. Different time zone- In a way their productivity affects as they might have to work during late evenings or mid night depending on their location
4. Part timers- Less dedication since they are here to make some extra money NOT to gain any serious experience

Asking potential Contractors these five questions before you hire them won’t guarantee you get a perfect fit. But it’ll sure improve your odds

1. Is there any tool you use for daily report/activity sheet?
2. Tell me about your home environment?
3. What’s your process like?(daily work rituals)
4. How do you handle tight deadlines?
5. Strength/weakness/idiosyncrasies( This will help you to know him personally which is very much needed when working together as a team)
6. What do you have to say about work from home and working during night hours(mid night)or weekends?
7. What is the best way to contact you? phone, email or text?

I realize this is an incomplete list. Please feel free to add another question or two in the comments section below.
Happy Hiring!!!