i  I N V E N T

Platform | Program | Projects to catch, plant and grow the best ideas in your A I M S at work, school or home.

$0/ year

Access to all plans benefits:

>Access to complimentary events, knowledge-base, grants and community projects+CLICS

>Weekly inspiration and reminder guides

>Book of the month emailed

>Member events+workshops

>Auto application to scholarships + grants

>Affiliate account for revenue

>Brainstorm invitation

>Yoga for Intellect

>Project management/curation opportunities

$108 / year

Everything in the above membership +

>Everything from complimentary membership included

>Partner revenue stream from sales and references

>Grants and scholarship auto application to all available

>Premium events+workshop access for CLICS license holders

>Conduct/Curate your own events

>Premium Books access

>Yoga for Intellect

>Daily inspiration and reminder guides

>CLICS Platform | PMO platform and training | Fund raising platform | Invitation to speak as panelist | Publish your books

EDU | Enterprise | Small business

For education institutes, enterprises, cafes and small businesses

Per user starting at

$2 / month

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