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Dhi: Take a Dhi to share your perspective ( Similar to a selfie that we take to share a frame). How to take a Dhi: 1. Start the front facing video camera and hold it horizontal 2. Start turning in one place 3. Move the hand holding camera - vertical up and down slowly. Care and Caution: May feel dizzy, avoid taking a dhi where chances of falling exist, viewer may try this at their own risk. Song: Released on DhiYoga.com App (Apple and Android) at 9.03am, 9th Sept 2017. Song: Take a Dhi Album: Songs for Dhi Lyrics, Music, Production: Abhi DhiYogi Design: Music Simplified | Core of one | 1 Chord | 3 Variations | 3 Verses | 3 Mins | Ideal Volume level 3, 6,9 or 18 Recorded At: 1816ZENDEN Studio

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