Premat prem by Abhi DhiYogi | Marathi Acoustic Rock

This is the marathi version of the song "In Love, With Love, For Love" by Abhi DhiYogi. If you like the song please share and support our students in need @ . Thank you. Album: Songs for Dhi Music, Lyrics, Production, Video, Singer : Abhi DhiYogi Details @ Date of original composition: Oct 1 2018 Recorded @ 1816ZENDEN Studio | 1 chord Lyrics: In Love With Love For Love My love Your Love All one Love Love Smiles n Tears Hopes n Fears All are born from this Love Love: Fall in love with love for love. Be it what I get, Whatever that's lost friend, Everything is meant to merge someday Into Love. Love: Fall in love with love for love. With each breath send you my love. With each breath need your love. Love: Fall in love with love for love. I am in love You’r in love All in one love. Love

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