The Seed in the perspectives, philosophy, expressions and each experience.

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Date and Time: Sept 21 2021 , 7pm IST

Topic: Ideas in Jain Philosophy  + Ardhamagadhi (Ancient Language)

Location: Online

Presented/Curated by :  Phd Delegation/Dept. of Smt. Shrimati Kasturbai Walchand College (Arts & Science),Sangli. and Shivaji University Kolhapur
Guide Name – Dr R T Patil Sir.
Host – Assistant Professor Mahavir Patil Sir.

Curator: Abhi DhiYogi


Non violence, Love, Kindness, Caring,  …


Multi dimensional, many perspectives, sides, combining to form One …


Non attachment, renounce, acceptance …

Parasparopagraho jīvānām

We are here to help one another, reflect, bring out the best …

Kevali Pannatto Dhammo

Nature, the core essence in each, the true and pure knowledge, Awakened (Vivek) …

Phd, thesis ..

Enable us to master a subject or to become a master..

But a true guru is the One who is a student for life : learning from each moment till the end.


Thank you, gratitude, acceptance, humbleness, selfless… The state of existence which is the seed for All to come undone into One.


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