Plant | Save | Grow trees to compliment your Air Water Earth and win grants/prizes.


Reduce | Reuse | Recycle   to win awards and grants.


EDUCATION | IDEAS |  PROJECTS  to compliment one’s growth as well as others and the AWE of the region.

Thank You

Participants + Private Sector + Public Sector + Partners

who continue to enable the sustainable AWE projects in the region.

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Project Details

Rules, prizes, criteria and info



Go to groceries with one’s own bag and save money (at select grocers)

Bring your own reusable water bottle and re-fill to save money

Bring your plastic to the select locations and gain incentives and prizes from select partners

ARTIST: Please propose your art with plastic to win grants and prizes from select partners

MUSICIANS: Please share the plastic free message in your performance to win grants and awards

Propose projects and ideas to reduce, reuse, recycle and win prizes plus incentives

Avoid plastic straws when drinking

Avoid buying plastic utensils and other products

Re-use the plastic in your construction and other projects. Share the effort for a chance to win

Remove plastic from the beach or other natural heritage public space

Promote and share news about local businesses and champions who are helping to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic in your region

Tree Hugs

If we cut one tree, then let’s plant two new trees in our space.

Some points to ponder on PLANTING | GROWING | SAVING trees:

Trees reduce air conditioning needs by 30%

A mature tree removes 70 times more pollution than a newly planted tree

A single tree produces 260 pounds of oxygen per year

All above numbers are approximate

Typically the Forest Department provides free trees

Cheap trick to water a young tree  – Watch the video

Protect the young tree – This concept can be applied – Watch the video

  Trees properly placed around buildings can reduce air conditioning needs by 30%

A mature tree removes almost 70 times more pollution than a newly planted tree

A single tree produces approximately 260 pounds of oxygen per year. That means two mature trees can supply enough oxygen annually to support a family of four

One tree can absorb as much carbon in a year as a car produces while driving 26,000 miles

Over the course its life, a single tree can absorb one ton of carbon dioxide

For More info –


in schools, work and home with a CLICS:

The CLICS Platform, Program and Projects are designed for:


Making our lifestyle simple and sustainable.

Value based education that incorporates heritage, history and culture so our young generation may lead a more fulfilling and sustainable journey.

Respect, Responsibility, Right choice


Transform school and classroom into an innovation center

Enable every lesson to become a sustainability brainstorm for children of all age groups

Prize and award for students, teachers  and schools who present sustainable ideas and solution development


Innovation workshops to develop eco friendly products and services in their own domain

Leadership that promotes sustainable efforts at work

Opportunities and growth for eco friendly solutions to compliment organization growth

Are there any fees or costs to apply, participate or win?

There are no costs for participating, applying or for the awards.

Who can apply?

All adult citizens of the region may apply on behalf of individual, organization or children who they are guardian/parents .

How to apply?

Follow the steps noted on the post.

When will I get the award/prizes?

All submissions are evaluated over a period of 3 months, 6 months,  9 months, 12 months. The winners will be notified per the stated timelines.

How are winners chosen?

The panel chooses the winners per the rules and details. Decisions final.

Who is eligible for prizes?

All applicants are  eligible for prizes EXCEPT employees, family and associates of partners or individuals who are a part of the core team.


Enable students, citizens + non residents, corporates, and local governance of the region to grow together by working on sustainable ideas and projects.


Grants and awards will be given to the selected citizens and institute applicants of the region who are pursuing sustainable efforts/projects.


All initiatives are in the specific region/country.


You may participate per your schedule.

All participants agree to the following Terms/Conditions by participating in this effort.

All entries received by July 1 of each year will be evaluated on:


  1. Number of plastic items reduced, reused, recycled
  2. Number of knowledge base videos,  pictures and details shared
  3. Number of AIMS: Art, Ideas, Music, Study/Sport/Story created/shared to support the cause
  4. Number of volunteering efforts
  5. The impact of one’s efforts on the local, regional and state environment plus society.


1. Number of trees planted, saved and their growth

2. Number of picture/video posts to  portal about the growth and your efforts

3. Number of original posts and articles you posted that can be used as knowledge base by others to grow trees

4. Volunteering to help others or projects facilitating tree planting and growth

5. The impact of one’s efforts on the local, regional and state environment plus society.

6. The number of individuals from a specific area who collectively impact the environment positively


  1. Number of workshops, brainstorms, classes conducted
  2. The knowledge base of posts created and shared
  3. Number of projects started and completed
  4. Number of events conducted or curated


1. The initiative is open to individual, institutions, government, businesses and other groups looking to impact the environment positively. Employees, affiliates and family of the institutions participating as a partner in this effort are NOT eligible for awards.

2. The entries will be evaluated in their category as defined in point 7.

3. The maximum total prize worth that will be distributed per year to all winners accordingly.

4. The prizes that will be offered are from partners.

5. Logistics, delivery and other relevant details may be considered and discussed with the winner  to overcome constraints pertaining to delivery of the prize. Alternate suitable prize may also be granted if constraints cannot be over come.

6. For any questions please use the contact information on the website.

7. The decision on the winners will be final and is at the discretion of the panel and pertinent partners based on the information provided.

8. The submission of any material does not guarantee prize or any form of payment. Eligible entries for the competition will be notified.

9. We are  not liable for any incidents, damages, legalities, costs incurred by the participant of this competition or efforts.

10. The participant is responsible for their own action, risks and information.

11. All Data shared as a part of this initiative is public and will be shared publicly for all pertinent purposes.

12. All minors are to be accompanied by guardian and parent if participating. Adults may participate at their discretion and choice.

13. Participation does not guarantee any reward, payment or service.

14. The rules and criteria may change anytime. The participants are responsible to check this section regularly.

15. Decision of the Panel is final.


The COMMUNITY CLICS projects have been launched to enable students, citizens, corporates, non residents and local governance of the region to grow together by working on sustainable ideas and projects.


your questions or input below