Pay It Forward Concert – Mirror On The Wall By Abhi DhiYogi

We are invited to the Pay It Forward concert @ . Hope we like the AIM (Art, Ideas, Music) to be inspired and pay it forward to those in need around us. Song: Mirror On The Wall Album: Songs for Dhi Music, Lyrics, Production,Singer: Abhi DhiYogi Details @ Date of original composition: Sept 8 2017 Recorded @ 1816ZENDEN Studio Thank you: Lyrics: Knock knock knock mirror on the wall who do i see Is it me is it me is it you or what’s in between Love angels n demons the best that now can be what is it that i see is it in me is it in you or is it in between Knock knock knock mirror on the wall now looking deep oh i see now I see .. you reflecting me me reflecting you and all that’s in between All that’s in between what is in between what’s that in between that separates you n me Knock knock knock mirror on the wall what is that separates you and me breath with each breath I come to you n go away with each breath Knock knock knock mirror on the wall what do i see Is that me Is that me

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Photo by Elijah Ekdahl

Photo by Elijah Ekdahl on Unsplash

empty stage with lights

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