My Time My Space – Thank you Bruce Springsteen | Abhi DhiYogi | Acoustic | Rock |

This is the concluding song ( 9 of 9) of the "Songs for Dhi" album. Song was inspired by Bruce Springsteen's interview: • Bruce Springsteen: "I'm Here To Take ... Song: My Time My Space (9/9) Album: Songs for Dhi Music, Lyrics, Production, Video, Singer : Abhi DhiYogi Details @ Date of original composition: Oct 1 2016 Recorded @ 1816ZENDEN Studio | 1 chord | Natural Lighting with computer camera Lyrics: Time and Space (Dm variation) Time and Space x 2 Where will you go When you leave This time and space. In the now In the here you will be When you leave this time this space Oh this time and my space. What will you touch And what will you hear What will you taste And what will you see When you leave This time When you leave This space In the now, In the here You will know What is real. The sounds of the skies And the touch of the air. The taste of the water And the scent of the earth. You will know The sight of the suns above us. In the now In the here You will know what is real. Oh my time. Oh my space. I dont miss you tonight babe.

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