Innovation in education

Enable students and teachers to innovate in their educational pursuits.


iINVENT Center for Learning, Innovation, Creativity and StartUp for education institutions.


An innovative new age program for students and teachers | Onsite or Remote | Compliment the ongoing education curriculum or the edu pursuits | Enable growth in your institution and community.

Each session is delivered to compliment the existing curriculum as a part of the classroom experience. Plus additional workshops for those enrolled. For specific subject ideas/literature please click on the link:   Design | Math | Science | AI | Career

VA lue based education is what enables the foundation of growth. Be it ethics or common sense or priorities for life, we have them covered in each session.


ills that will be developed with each session:  Creativity, Curiosity & Continuity | Imagination, Ideation & Integration | Focus & Failures | Self Learn & Lessons of experience | Design & Develop | Leadership & Teamwork | Research & Standardization | Project Planning & Crisis management | Perseverance & PR


bjects that will be imparted on a daily basis


cience | Social | Sports | Space+Cosmos | Skills


echnology | Time | Travel | Tools


ngineering | Earth+Energy | Entrepreneurship


rt | Application | Ai + Biomimicry


ath | Music | Management

Ideas and projects:

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Minimum student age 8+

A landline phone (specific areas) or internet connected device for 15 minutes minimum

Email for each enrolled inventor student or teacher


  • Ability to read, write, listen and understand

  • Adult supervision of minors when using technology for the session

  • Respect | Responsible | Recycle

  • Student minimum age 8+

  • Landline phone(please check your country availability) or internet connected device for 15 minutes minimum


  • Research oriented posts per week

  • Creative competitions

  • Project participation and deliverables

  • Prototyping

  • iINVENT Certification

** Please note we are not accredited to any university not board.

15 Minutes

in the classroom session.


minutes curated session per your schedule to cover STEAM subjects via a land line phone (where available) or internet connected device.


minutes of labs/practicals per your schedule in the garden or other out door experiences. Apply what you learn in real life projects.


minutes of play time per your schedule with friends and family, sports or activities to interact and build team work.


minutes of reflection and creative writing per your schedule be it in your book or posting on the iINVENT app.

“The starting point of all our pursuits is an ‘idea’. Education is the experience that enables one to pursue the best of ideas. The art of catching this ‘idea’, planting it and then growing the same can be a cultivated as a skill. But the foundation for all skills is values that are inculcated.  iINVENT platform has been launched to enable an experience that can be termed a new age education for enabling ideas which help one and all to grow sustainably. “

Abhi DhiYogi

Chief Design Inventor

For those who want to build and grow solutions:

  • Enroll eligible student projects

  • Enable the ii grants

  • Expert consulting from our innovative community

  • Market your products or services with our marketplace

  • You are liable to pay the taxes and other regional fees for your earnings

  • Background references and reviews will be conducted per year to ensure compliance


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