Here Now Love By Abhi DhiYogi

A special thanks to: Le Ballon Rouge, 1956 by Albert Lamorisse (Original Movie). Ojas DhiYogi for editing and creating the music video. Amol Mithari for introducing the movie. Song: Here Now Love Released on App (Apple and Android) at 9.03am, 18th Nov2017. Album: Songs for Dhi Lyrics, Music, Production: Abhi DhiYogi Design: Music Simplified | Core of one | 1 Chord | 3 Variations | 3 Verses | 3 Mins+ | Ideal Volume level 3, 6,9 or 18 Recorded At: 1816ZENDEN Studio Lyrics: Where are you love, Where are you love. Wan see you love Wan feel you love. Wan touch you love Wan taste you love. Wan hear you love Wan be with you. Love love abhi fall in love. Leave your needs n give, fall in love. To the edge of the heaven n hell To the depths of the past n the next I ve searched I ve looked for you But as i rest Finally i find you Love love I am with love Here in the Now, I am with love. Like the sand in my hand Slip and slide go away from you All those wants and that clock Push me n pull me away from you. In and out , in and out In and out of love in and out of love.

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Photo by Marianna Smiley

Photo by Marianna Smiley on Unsplash

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