Aik alif : ilmoun : knowledge : Coke Studio Cover : Noori & Saieen Zahoor cover

ilmoun : Knowledge Poem By Bulley Shah (1680-1757) Inspired by @ Rohail Hyatt / Coke Studio original: • Aik Alif | Noori & Saieen Zahoor | Se... Recorded at 1816ZENDEN studio Interpretation by Abhi DhiYogi: All that knowledge I seeks is hidden in a single alphabet my friend. Those who know this are blessed to pursue the path leading to The Truth. What is the use of the boat and the shore when I keeps drowning in Love. In Peace Love Blooms. In Love Truth Lives. Support us with your ideas, thoughts and ... @ |

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Photo by Pawel Czerwinski

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

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