iINVENT concept is the core of NABROS’ methodology in development and deployment of business and IT solutions for companies.


to bring forth new ideas in their responsibilities with our one of a kind art, books and concerts.



to connect on the IDEAS. LIVE and ONLINE private concerts to develop the team participation, collaborate and cross train.



the designed solutions leveraging the iINVENT portal and in turn develop an INCUBATOR for your team and community.



 Business + IT Solution Implementation, Support and Incubation.


$4000Starting at
  • Our mantra is to develop strategy and design in synch with your immediate, 5 years, 10 years, 30 years and 100 year vision. Our SME’s and mavens are industry leaders with an expectation satisfaction rating of 98%. Minimum hours included 8.


$2000Starting at
  • We will implement the designed solutions at fixed cost. Our support services have a SLA satisfaction rating of 99%. Our Projects utilize “The open kitchen policy” where in all aspects of the project are available for the client real time on our iINVENT Portal.

Enterprise Incubator

  • As a bi- product of solution delivery or as a separate offering we will set up your own Incubator plus provide  the platform+ program to enable your team and local community to build their ideas and provide a mutual growth for the organization.


Our initiatives and projects that show case the iINVENT methodology.

Universal Energy

Projects that harness prevailing energy in nature and universe.



Projects that enable universe exploration.



Projects that enable local communities to bring new ideas to life.


“Must hear” story for the Visionary and Entrepreneur

A must hear story for the entrepreneur and visionary. No MBA required.

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MOM has a fever. Plant a tree says Dr.Sanjeev.

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The Concept of Time. Correction Mr.Einstein.

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How to manage a remote workforce

Are you a part of a remote workforce? Are they working at home? In other city? Or May [...]

Task and Time Management Tool at NABROS

Manage yourself, NOT your time I would like us to take a brief look at how well we [...]

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Our Story

“Considering that a human’s core strength is having the most
advanced brain, mankind’s function may be to innovate and make the world
better for everyone, including all other species.
As I travelled the world and met kids and adults
from different facets and economic conditions,
I realized the need for the potential inventor within
each one to be encouraged. In the pursuit to create a global
community of inventors, iINVENT was born. It is the
methodology we have adopted in our business solution offerings
@ NABROS, learning and incubation solutions @ HUBLI and
interior design plus lifestyle solutions @ 1816ZENDEN
in order to build the world’s largest community of experts and
inventors in the next 100 years.”
Abhi R, Chief Design Inventor.