What Has The World’s Community Of The Most Innovative Been Up To In The Last Two Years?

Revolutionary platform and program for innovation at work, school and home, iINVENT, continues to

impact the lives of millions worldwide, partnering with regional initiatives to deliver innovation and

education amidst crises

The iINVENT team led by the forward-thinking Mr. Abhi DhiYogi has stayed true to the objective of

“enabling ideas that help individual, community and environment growth.” Judging by the feats achieved

in the last couple of years, iINVENT has championed numerous causes to help innovate to improve the

standard of living of communities across the globe, especially with heightened levels of uncertainty.

“With what we have learnt in the past two years of lockdowns and the paradigm shift in work, school,

and lifestyle, it is urgent that we emphasize on a program and platform that enables our students,

professionals and community, to bring the best of their AIMS to life at home, school and work.”

One of the major projects of iINVENT is the World CLICS (Center For Learning Innovation Creativity and

Startup), designed to promote innovation and education growth in communities. NABROS – iINVENT

donated $6.6 million in CLICS licensing and consulting to support the projects initiated in the United

States, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Japan to support the AIMS of students, citizens and institutions

during COVID. The project included conducting over 500 virtual classroom and workshop sessions in

schools across India, USA, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Japan in addition to virtual exams and well-being

sessions conducted by the regional partners for the student community. The approach was particularly

unique, with a methodology and knowledge-base curriculum to enable all age groups to catch, plant and

grow ideas, reaching out to over 300,000 members.

In India, DDCLIS (Dharwad District’s Center for Learning Innovation, Creativity and Startup), an initiative

with Dharwad District’s Department of Public Instructions was launched in 300+ government schools in

Karnataka to support the students with online classes, exams and awards.

Evolve Lives Foundation (ELF), a local NGO led by Mrs. Ottilie Anban Kumar, was one of the major

partners in the project. The nonprofit focuses on bringing together individuals, private and public sectors

to deploy sustainable project solutions in the region. It pioneered the efforts to successfully mitigate the

COVID risks in the district along with the citizens, corporates, local clubs and IMA of Hubballi Dharwad

under the leadership of the District Commissioner’s office. It also partnered in the DDCLICS project in

efforts of holistic growth in students and provide scholarships.

AMI Tsunami Children’s Home in Sri Lanka was awarded the iINVENT STEAM scholarship to support the

children in their educational pursuits for their efforts in making AMITSU one of the most innovative

children’s home in the world.

Mr. Ahmed Zahir, MP for Gadhdhoo, launched Maldives CLICS to support the NetZero efforts to reduce

the carbon footprint of the country along with the first CLICS in the Vaadhoo region, led by Mrs. Sarah

Mohamed, Women’s Council Member of Vaadhoo constituency.

Mr. Ralph Mason, a teacher at Hill middle school Naperville who has been enabling the students in their

pursuits with an innovative letter program, started the OG CLICS for students in USA, Japan, Sri Lanka,

and India.

INDIA-CLICS, NABROS HQ in India, enabled the above initiatives with the project management efforts led

by Mr. Gerard Manik and Mr. Bazil D’Souza, the advisory board lead.For further information about the platform for the projects of the innovative or to startup your initiatives

on iINVENT, please visit – https://i-invent.org.