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CLICS: Center For Learning Innovation Creativity & Startup deployed for you to startup, innovate, develop skills, market and more. For each CLICS license procured we will donate one to the  iINVENT grant .

One time $108(Training, set up and orientation) + Subscription below

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Our platform and program in a nutshell

What is included:

  1. Personal CLICS License to Platform, Program and People
  2. Start up on your ideas: Catch, Plant and Grow ideas in your pursuit
  3. Platform to crowdfund your innovation and cause
  4. Market your services and products
  5. e-home-school for kids at home and community in skill and idea development
  6. Access to  projects and grants
  7. Portal curation and set up
  8. 5 Day training session
  9. Speak at STEAM Brainstorms
  10. One year access to select online events.
  11. Remote Shared Project Management platform/resource.
  12. Qualify to apply for grants which will be available on approval.
  13.  i INVENT certification for the corresponding efforts in building your idea.
  14. Access to our community.
  15. Publish your ideas | Build your ideas | Engage with us in our innovative projects.
  16. Discounted pricing on iINVENT portfolio.


Prorated refund of unused services after deduction of the above base set up/training fee.

For more information please click here.


Ideas, Projects and CLICS around the world.

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