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  • Welcome Businesses and Institutions seeking IMPLEMENTATION or SUPPORT services.
    1. Our Delivery team,  BA|Architect|Tech Leads|Developers,  has over 20+ Years Experience in deployment of solutions to make simple: business processes and technology, leadership, PMO, processes, decision making and culture.
    2. These fees, which may cover 10 to 100 hours maximum of consulting, will be pro-rated for any project that starts within 60 days. Conditions apply.
    3. Bring your ideas to life with our experts.
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  • Welcome Businesses and Education Institutions seeking STRATEGY AND DESIGN services.
    1. Our SME + Maven team has over 15+ Years Experience in Strategy + Design of making simple: organizations, leadership, PMO, processes, technology, decision making and culture.
    2. Strategy and Design for Implementation + Support + Optimization + Incubator Solutions.
    3. These fees, which cover 8 hours minimum of consulting, will be pro-rated for any project that starts within 60 days .
    4. Please use the form below to tell us a little bit of your requirement. Within 1 to 3 business days we will respond with a firm proposal. After which you may buy our service.
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  • Inviting businesses and institutions seeking to set up Innovation/Incubation Centers for their organization, teams and community.
    For each license procured we will donate one to the  iINVENT grant .
  • *If you do not see the prices in your local currency automatically, please select your country. All prices are in USD. Please note you will be billed in USD. Currency exchange fees may be applied by your bank/card.

    AI course for kids and experts based on Artificial Intelligence concepts in nature.

    For more details: https://i-invent.org/ai/ Free for charities and social causes. Pricing varies for kids, adults and for profit institutions. 1. Apply to qualify   2. On receipt of approval email, register   3.  Attend the selected onsite or online session
  • A story about the secret to enable the best ideas and bring them to life. A must read for a student, professional to the CEO at home or school or work. You may download for FREE  by submitting an AIMS or with your purchase which will be donated to iINVENT GRANT.