i INVENT EDU e learning and Innovation Center : HUBLI


994 in stock (can be backordered)

Welcome education institutions seeking to set up e-education platform and Innovation/Incubator Centers.

HUB for Learning & Innovation (HUBLI) is customized on the iINVENT platform, methodology and design:

Annual pricing starts @

The implementation and training fee as noted below +

$1/Student per month which will be due per enrollment


Cancel anytime.

Prorated monthly and implementation fee will be applicable.

Thank you for supporting kids in need:

With each purchase we will provide the same to a community institution in need. Click here for recipient/project details.


994 in stock (can be backordered)


  • Consulting to set up institution e-education platform

  • Train the teachers on innovative methodologies of e-teaching / learning

  • Platform and Projects for the student, teacher, institute and community growth

  • 200 Student iI Centers and One Institution iI Center

  • Start Up Portal for your projects

  • Institution’s “Change The World iI Map”

  • iI Market Place for your services, products or raise funds

  • Access to unlimited select brainstorms

  • Access to iI knowledge base

Our innovation center will be curated based on the following design.

Design, Program and Yoga

to plant an innovation center

and bring your ideas to life

at work or school or home.


The easy part: What do I need to start up my idea?

Innovation Program

The hard part: How do I enable my ideas?

The Toughest Part

The Intellect + Practice + Lifestyle to develop an innovative Train Of Thought.

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