• Innovative design services for residential and commercial space:

    Interiors | Design | Staging | Lighting | Furniture | Art Decor

    New Clients:

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  • iI ME Center For Learning Innovation Creativity & StartUp (CLICS) is designed:

    For you to start up  @ home | To innovate | Develop | Crowdfund | Market services and products | Start e-home-school focused on STEAM for the students at home/community

    For who?

    Professionals, students, graduates, teachers, home schools, entrepreneur or small business aspiring to pursue one's innovative ideas with a focus on sustainable growth and success.

    Per member/student:

    Setup + Orientation(One time $108) + Subscription below
  • Welcome Businesses and Institutions seeking IMPLEMENTATION or SUPPORT services.
    1. Our Delivery team,  BA|Architect|Tech Leads|Developers,  has over 20+ Years Experience in deployment of solutions to make simple: business processes and technology, leadership, PMO, processes, decision making and culture.
    2. These fees, which may cover 10 to 100 hours maximum of consulting, will be pro-rated for any project that starts within 60 days. Conditions apply.
    3. Bring your ideas to life with our experts.
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  • Welcome education institutions seeking to set up e-education platform and Innovation/Incubator Centers.

    HUB for Learning & Innovation (HUBLI) is customized on the iINVENT platform, methodology and design:

    Annual pricing starts @

    The implementation and training fee as noted below +

    $1/Student per month which will be due per enrollment


    Cancel anytime.

    Prorated monthly and implementation fee will be applicable.

    Thank you for supporting kids in need:

    With each purchase we will provide the same to a community institution in need. Click here for recipient/project details.  
  • Welcome Businesses and Institutions seeking to set up Innovation/Incubator Centers for their own teams and community. With the Enterprise iINVENT Center your team and community is set to start incubating ideas that change the world. Pricing includes one year iINVENT license implementation and training fees. Per employee a $3/month subscription fee will be applicable.
    • Set up per client policies and protocols.
    • Incubator Set up within 16 Hours minimum 40 Hours maximum
    • We will train and knowledge transfer to your own Curator.
    • One designated curator from i INVENT.
    • Qulify to apply for Grants which will be available on your approval.
    • Certification for the corresponding efforts in building your portfolio
    • Individual Portal
    •  Speak at Private Events plus public events
    • Expert’s Network
    • Publish your Books and Blogs : Additional service fees may apply
    • Build your ideas.
    Cancel anytime. Account, access and eligibility will be disabled on cancellation. Refund policy: Prorated monthly charge and implementation cost will be applied. For more details and other consulting services  CLICK HERE

    Thank you for supporting kids in need:

    For each purchase we will be providing institution licenses and grants to community institutions in need . Click here for recipient/project details.