Buddhi Tattva Ritam

is an initiative to enable the intellect(buddhi) to grasp principles(tattva) of Truth(ritam) in order to lead one’s life with the highest ethics.


Principles, ethics and stories

that may elevate one’s journey.

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Teaching Tree

Join the discussions or start up or e-home school in line with BTR’s ideas.

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Join our one of a kind experiential discussions to touch the intellect of each One.


with BTR – be it the innovation or civil engineering subject matter expertise. Please share your request below and he will reach out to you.


Transform your home into a Center For Learning, Innovation, Creativity & Startup to: Market innovative services and products| Crowdfund | e Home School solutions and more.


the journey:

 life lessons, stories, principles, ideas, feedback and more.

All submissions with  a minimum of 9 up votes will qualify to be reviewed for possible awards and selections. Panel decision final.